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Reap The Rewards of a Faster WordPress Website

WordPress is an open and free blogging software that powers many of the most popular sites on the internet today. Fortunately, the organization behind WordPress gives you the opportunity to set up their software on web host of your choosing, you can also build your website on their hosting servers. Since most bloggers feel the optimal solution is to install the application on their own server, this is what the following article will speak to.

Many consider finding their own web host the best option since it provides many positive aspects. These positive aspects include the ability to install your own plugins, themes, widgets, and scripts. Most of which you can’t do when building a website on WordPress’s servers. However, if you’re not careful, these plugins, widgets, and themes can significantly decrease the loading time of your website. Therefore, it is a necessity for you to use best practices such as using fewer widgets, using caching plugins, and the like to speed up your WordPress sites. Employing these best practices provides a great many advantages.

Increase Revenue

In research conducted by Torbit.com, for almost every 100 milliseconds Amazon.com takes to load, it loses a sale. Therefore, a fast loading WordPress website is extremely important. This is especially true if you are monetizing your website.

Given the fact that the main intention of your website is to generate a source of revenue, it is important for you to catch the attention of and keep customers. Bringing in and keeping prospects will not be enough, as you also need to convert these prospects into sales.

We know research has shown that visitors who encounter a site that loads quickly convert twice as often when put next to visitors who experience a slow loading website. Therefore, it is important for you to speed up the loading time of your WordPress website which will hopefully increase your revenue.

Improve Search Rankings

Another one of the main goals when creating your website is to rank high on search engines. After all, higher rankings result in an increase in traffic to your sites. There are many ways to push the rankings of your website higher in search engine results.

One of the basic ways, especially with Google, is having a fast loading website. Google, in April 2010, introduced an algorithm adjustment known as Site Speed. This algorithm adjustment favors sites that load quickly, as a result, increasing their search rankings in the process.

Since research has discovered that 86% of Internet traffic is supplied by search engines, you should constantly monitor your website’s speed. You can use tools such as GTmetrix.com to help you speed up your WordPress website which improves your rankings and gain more traffic to your website.

Enhance User Experience

The third advantage that you will reap from having a fast loading website is a pleasant user experience. First, this pleasant experience will encourage your visitors to explore your website for a longer time. As a consequence, this will result in an increased average visit time. Second, a pleasant user experience will make your visitors come back for more. Third, with any luck, a friendly user experience will generate a viral impact. This viral effect will occur when your website readers recommend your site to other people. This will certainly boost your website traffic, and the end result will be more page views for your website.

To sum it up, the rate at which your website renders for your visitors can have a drastic impact on its success. If it loads slowly, you will lose business, but if it loads quickly, you will achieve greater success.

A good illustration of this is when Mozilla Firefox decreased the loading time of its landing page and started to see an increase in the number of Firefox downloads. Therefore, you should strive to speed up your website’s loading time to increase revenue (or conversions), boost your website’s search engine ranking, as well as, provide a friendlier user experience for your visitors.

Author Bio:- Matt Hooper helps smart people, vibrant small businesses and energetic organizations build an internet presence. He does so by providing WordPress training and supplying a Dreamhost promo code whenever possible. Of course, you can also check out his website to learn more about the type of work he does or to get in touch.

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