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3 Ram Optimizer Softwares to Improve Ram Performance

Random access memory (RAM) is an important computer component which decides the computer processing performance fast or not. Sometimes we try to open multiple programs at same times, it will increase the load on RAM .You might be realizing that your computer runs slowly. RAM performance is also a reason for slow computer.   Due to this slow RAM performance, it might be possible that, your computer takes too much time for booting a process, when you are playing a game, other applications which are running becomes slow.  it may be a result into computer crashes and causes a blue screen of deaths. The memory optimizer software release memory which is not using and enhances performance of your PC.  It runs in the background and cleans up extra and unwanted memory periodically. The solution of these problems is to use RAM optimizes performance software. There are many RAM optimizes performance software available in the market. Here I am listing top most, which will be useful to you.

Max RAM Optimizer Software

  • Max RAM is a product from a Max Secure company which is well known for its product. Max RAM software is a powerful tool to optimize your RAM performance. It provides fully automation option. The basic idea behind this is that, this software continuously checks your PC memory. When it is realizing that, you’re free RAM size goes low, this software transfer’s data to page file, which is not required at that moment and release physical memory, so in this way it will increase your free RAM size. This software works very easily with any manual intervention. We just need to set in its software, rest of things it will do automatically.

    Max RAM software gives many interesting features. Let’s talk about all in briefly. A first powerful Feature is “Memory status”. This feature gives information about current status of physical and virtual memory.
    It will also display a graph so you can more easily analyze memory utilization. It also provides information about the total amount of free physical memory, page file information and furthers more you can decide how much free RAM in MB you required after Optimization. If you will not provide this information, it will take it automatically at optimize level.
    Its other feature is to provide a facility to choose option. Options are like this, auto load on starting window, on minimize go staring tray, show optimization report, remove clipboard data, etc. you can choose option according to your requirement.
  • The third Feature is “scheduler”, in which you can schedule memory optimization by custom setting.  Here you need to provide information about when free memory reaches and how much amount of free memory release, at which time this process occurs, etc. After setting this, it will do it automatically.
    This software is user friendly, easy to use, increase availability of free memory, defragmenting physical memory, recovers memory from windows and other application. Company provides free trial version for 30 days. At the expiration of the period, you will have to buy the system maintenance product for $19.99.


Extra RAM Optimize Software

Extra RAM is a good RAM optimizes free software. Whenever you want to run some program, which requires extra RAM, the Extra RAM optimizes software will free the memory.

  • Extra RAM is basically designed in such a manner that it will work automatically, runs in a background and provides free memory so you can get extra memory as the name of this software given.
  • This software displays memory monitor which is providing information about how much RAM you use it and how much free RAM is available. By setting menu, you can select how much RAM, you need to free .You can also select an option that at which time, RAM optimize process occurs.
    It is very easy, powerful, and compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Netbook, Mobile PC, etc


RAM Rush optimizes software

  • RAM Rush can powerfully optimize memory usages of your Windows system, free up physical RAM and make your system to give better performance. It is free software.
  • When you install RAMRush, its icon appears in the taskbar. When you click on it, it will show like above figure. By clicking Start optimizes, it will optimize your RAM and free Physical memory. RAMRush can show you real time CPU usage data, real time memory usage data, total physical memory, and available physical memory.
  • It also provides an option like run RAMRush when a window startup, Get CPU data from a system performance monitor, optimize hot key option, etc.

RamRush Free memory optimizer able to run on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7.


Author:- Mark is tech enthusiast and gadget geek. He enjoys writing for TestFreaks.com, a website that collects product information and reviews of different consumer electronics products ranging from latest Android tablets to best Bose headphones

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