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Quick Repair Tips for Common PlayStation 3 Issues

Surely, when you first got hold of your PlayStation 3, you spent consecutive sleepless nights hankering over your new toy, hoping each moment will last forever. As they say, however, all things in this world are bound to perish. But for your PlayStation 3, not just yet.

Once your PlayStation 3 starts giving off signs of senescence, it’s time to take actions into your hands. Before heading off to a Sony repair service center, try to remedy these common issues with quick repair tips:

1# When the Network Server timed out

This error, which your PS3 refers to as error code 80710723, usually occurs when you are trying to connect to the Internet. Basically, the culprit here lies on your Internet connection. It is either you have a slow connection or there is high traffic on your service provider.

To remedy this, refresh your Internet server by turning it off and turning it on after a minute or two. If the problem persists, try resetting your network to prevent system mix-up.

2# When the system overheats

This is one downside of PS3 that Sony users have been constantly complaining about. The good thing is, instead of crashing suddenly, the system alerts you by flashing the red and green lights. The best solution to this situation is shutting down your PS3 once the red and green lights are triggered. Let it rest for an hour or so, depending on how long you have been using it.

3# When the discs are not read

Have you ever encountered error code 80010514? It only means that the disc you placed inside the machine is unreadable. To resolve this, retrieve the disc and use a microfiber to wipe off any dust on its surface. Check if there are also scratches, which may also cause the malfunction.

If you load the disc back again and the error still appears, the problem may already be on your console. It is best that you seek professional Sony repair services to solve this quickly.

4# When the HDMI feed is not read

If your console keeps on reverting to its SD or standard definition content, the best solution is to turn it off by holding down the Power button until it beeps for shut down. Turn it on after a minute with your HDMI cable plugged already. You should see that the HDMI is automatically detected.

Were there other issues you have encountered? Tell us, so we can help you! Kindly post it as a comment below.

Author Bio:- Salem Carlsen writes for Repairlabs.com, which offers cellphone repair, laptop repair, Sony and PS3 repair services.

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