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Qualities of Money Earning Bloggers

Here are 10 basic attitudes of highly creative bloggers. Integrate these into your approach; your blog and your business will both benefit greatly by doing so.

qualities of money earning bloggers


Curiosity doesn’t exactly kill the cat when you’re a blogger. You absolutely must be curious and ask yourself what if you do this and why you shouldn’t do that. Keep wondering and experimenting with thoughts and ideas. This will prevent stagnancy and keep your blog alive.

Not Viewing Problems As Obstacles

Problems are necessary stepping-stones towards improvement. Viewing problems obstacles or as unacceptable and undesirable aspects of life is a defeatist attitude which leads nowhere. Creative bloggersare often fascinated by problems and go out of their ways to solve them!

Facing Challenges Head On

A creative blogger looks at a challenge as an opportunity to exercise his or her creativity. Throughout history, the best creative ideas have sprung from those facing challenges head on instead of running away from them. The first question a creative blogger asks when faced with a challenge is, ‘how can I overcome this’?

Feeling Constructive Dissatisfaction

A creative blogger’s intelligence allows him or her to acutely perceive what’s wrong with the world around them. However, creative bloggers tend to be positive and they don’t grumble about what’s wrong; rather, they use their discontent and dissatisfaction as a motivation to make some constructive changes.

Feeling Optimistic

Creative bloggers are generally upbeat and optimistic, with a glass half-full attitude. This attitude comes from a deeply held belief that almost all if not all problems can be easily solved. Nothing saps creative juices as depression does.

Not Pre-Judging Ideas

When an idea flashes, some bloggers tend to stamp on it immediately, thinking it’s not workable or so and so thing is going to go wrong with it. If you judge an idea even before it’s implemented, it may never get off the ground. I usually blog on tech related topics. I always wanted to enter weight loss niche, but I was scared of trying out new things. Fortunately one day I decided to do it and started my first health blog on Medifast discount codes and nutrisystem codes and guess what I was no longer scared of new things!!

Viewing Obstacles As Paths To Improvement

Sometimes while developing an idea, it’s the hurdles and obstacles that help you fine-tune your ideas and come up with something good. Creative bloggers therefore view obstacles as paths to improvement, and not as symptoms of failure.

Sticking To Goals

It’s easy enough to be a visionary who can see great results and get started with a bang. But sticking on to a project till it’s completed takes being positive about obstacles and viewing each challenge as an incentive to be more creative!

Keeping Imagination Flexible

A flexible imagination allows creative bloggers to flex in different directions while arriving at solutions. This wonderful ability allows them to intuitively knock ideas together, incorporating flashes of brilliance that seem so tough for the average blogger to emulate.

Moving On From Failure

The basic upbeat nature of a creative blogger floods his or her mind with positivity. This attitude ensures that if something does fail, he or she can move on from failure quickly and take up something else. There’s no end to opportunities and if you’re creative, there’s no end to what you can do with these opportunities.

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  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    September 8, 2011, 11:19 am

    Hi Zocco,
    I think another one of the qualities that an earning blogger has is determination, which is sticking to goals no matter what. Also, like you said, learning from mistakes and making the best out of anything that comes by is the right way to go if we want to succeed in blogging.

  • Kamilos

    September 5, 2011, 8:05 pm

    I am new on this blog but after reading few articles, I can be sure I would be back here. I am thinking about my own blog. I have at least on of this qualities :)I am Optimistic.



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