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PST and DBX Deleting When Synchronizing Outlook With iPhone Device

With the help of iTunes application, data of the Outlook and iPhone device can be easily synced. Each and every change of Outlook in your system gets reflected on iPhone device and vice-versa. It is just because you are performing synchronization between MS-Outlook and iPhone. All the changes can be seen instantly while performing sync process. But many times it happens that the contacts that you are trying to transfer from iPhone to Outlook and Outlook to iPhone get deleted. Yes! This kind of problems do occur. You cannot see some of the contacts after performing synchronization. Let us see how this happens and how to recover crucial data after this! In such situations, if backup is available, then use it. Otherwise, opt for a third-party Deleted e-mail recovery tool to recover deleted mails.

Synchronizing Outlook

Consider a situation. Suppose some of the Outlook contacts appear with wrong information or with some mistakes. So you decide to do corrections in them. You delete or remove the incorrect contacts from Outlook application, and again write these contacts with the help of sync process between MS-Outlook and iPhone device while thinking that deleted contacts are still there on iPhone. But when you try to sync Outlook and iPhone for contacts, you get no results. This is quite unlike your expectations. All the contacts from iPhone as well as your Outlook get deleted. Loss of data occurs.


To solve the problem you have to follow the below given suggestions:

  • Verify the contacts that have been deleted from ‘Deleted Items‘ folder. Items remain in the ‘Deleted Items’ folder until you remove them.
  • pst and dbx deleting

  • Use an updated backup, if available to restore the deleted contact items.

If none of the above methods works, then can use a third party ‘Deleted Email Recoverytool to scan and recover deleted contacts with other items such as emails, task, notes, meeting request, attachment and more. It is not necessary for you to have a sound technical skills for using these software. These tools are quite easy to use and install. Just search on the Internet to get hold of one of them and recover all your lost contacts.

Author: The Author of this article is a technical writer, blogger and Email recovery expert. She also enjoy sharing all the interesting information like how to convert edb to pst in MS Exchange Server and how to recover deleted emails from various email clients.