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Protecting Your Phone from Accidental Damage

The biggest problem with newer smart phones is the ease with which they can be damaged. This is followed closely by how long a battery will last for on a single charge. Since you can always recharge a device or use portable power, it is important to protect your phone from damage. While new smart phones have changed the way we communicate on the go, they are also prone to screen damage and other problems.

The most common types of damage to your phone are:

  • broken screen
  • moisture exposure
  • heat or sun exposure

All of these problems can occur quite easily and can just as easily be avoided. Take the time to find the right protective accessories for your mobile phone or you may end up with a very expensive paperweight. You can also protect your phone better by taking proper precautions.

Carrying Your Phone Around

You may not think much about carrying your mobile phone around in your pocket or handbag. However, this is when most problems can occur to your phone especially if you have other things in your pocket or bag.

  • Phone screens are easily, and commonly, scratched and damaged by the keys you keep in your pocket.
  • Packing your phone with accessories such as a portable solar charger could lead to the device breaking when packed too tightly together.
  • Having a water bottle or other liquids in your bag together with your phone can be disastrous.

All of the above justify why it is best to pack your phone in its own case or in a separate compartment in your bag.

Environmental Damage

The environment is never kind to electronics and this is especially true for modern phones such as IPhones and Android based systems. This is not only a problem for the delicate electronic parts but also the large screens on modern phones. Sun exposure results in a degraded screen, which can even stop working. The exposure to this kind of heat can also damage the inside technology of your phone and cause it to stop working altogether.

The next biggest phone killer in terms of environmental elements is moisture. Whether you are hanging out at the beach or getting caught in the rain, you have to make sure you are keeping your phone dry and safe. How many of you have ever spilt a drink on your phone at a cafe?

Worn Out from Age

It is also becoming more noticeable with touch screen phones that they can become less responsive with age. They can also start to lose colour and brightness due to age and other factors such as light exposure. However, the biggest problem with a phone’s age is when the buttons are no longer responsive. You might also run into problems with a phone’s battery as it ages because it will hold less and less charge.

Repairing Your Phone

Luckily, with the market for mobile phone repairs booming, there are lots of places to get your phone fixed. If you own one of the more popular models it is easy to pick up new screens, batteries and other parts. If your phone is a bit less popular you will still be able to have it repaired but it may just take a little longer for spare parts to be ordered in.

Author Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including portable power and portable solar charger.

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  • Aditya Chintha

    June 5, 2012, 4:25 pm

    thanks for the wonderful safety tips……last week i broke my galaxy note…this time i wont give a chance to my S III 😀


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