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Protecting your Information when Shopping Online

Secure Online Shopping

Just like you would use something like www.ibricraft.com to protect your physical credit cards, so you must make sure that your online data is secure. Today, people do a lot of online shopping thanks to how convenient it is to just order something online, pay for it also online and then just have it delivered to your front door. This also opens up opportunities for hackers and wrong doers to infiltrate and get a hold of your sensitive information. There are ways to prevent things like that from happening since most of the ways through which hackers get access to sensitive data is through user mistakes. So here are the top tips about keeping your credit card and personal information safe during online transactions.

Only shop on secure and popular websites

Never risk buying something online from a shady website that neither you nor any of your friends have ever heard about. It’s a classic recipe for disaster. Even if the people behind the website are honest merchants, you can’t take that risk. Make sure that you use popular shopping sites that everyone has heard of. The bigger the store, the better as chances for you to get scammed there pretty much drop to 0.

Only shop on websites that have SSL

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer and it basically represents an encryption lock. This is the must-have protection requirement and you should never shop in places that don’t have it. It’s easy to tell what websites have it because they will display some kind of lock icon. Your browser will typically use a padlock icon that’s locked to let you know that the website in question has SSL. Another way to tell that it has SSL is by seeing the web address start with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Don’t give too much information

When you are shopping online, you have to type in some personal information. However, not even secure websites need to know everything. A business should never ask you for your birthday or social security so keep that in mind next time you’re shopping online. Giving away too much information will most likely come back to bite you eventually, which you can avoid by keeping to yourself more and being very selective of the information that you give online.

Bank statements

Bank statements will let you know where problems appear or if you have been wrongfully charged for stuff. It’s important to check your statements as often as possible and not wait until the end of the month. Even if it was an honest mistake and not an attempt at robbing you, issues or unjustified charges could appear on your account.  Notify the bank immediately so you can solve the problem with ease. If you don’t notify the bank in a certain timeframe, you might be stuck with that charge.

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