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Protect Your Computer System From Virus Attacks

One of the challenge that computer users are facing every day are the computer virus. These are programs in the computer whose objective is to create chaos in the system and eventually bug down the computer unit. These viruses are created by humans and most of these computer virus types are intended to zonk out your software. In extreme cases it will completely destroy your computer hardware leaving your computer completely damaged.  Different types of computer virus also targets different software applications.

prevent virus attacks

With the presence of different computer virus types, the question that has been plaguing users for ages now is, how can I prevent computer virus from attacking my computer? The answer to that is to keep your anti-virus updated and to always turn on your firewall.

There are different virus types that have been created and the ultimate goal of these viruses is the demise of your computer. Now your next question would be what are the types of computer virus?

Computer Virus Types and Tips to Prevent them

These virus types are classified depending on its origination, the damage they cause, the software they attack and even where they usually dwell and replicate. These computer virus types are further narrowed down for ease of diagnosing it namely: Trojan, worm and email viruses.

  • The email virus as the name implies is pretty common and if you accidentally open an email from a source that is not reliable then the virus would quickly spread and infect your files. This can easily be forwarded to thousands since it does it automatically. The best thing to combat this type of virus is to keep your anti-virus up to date and be cautious with attachments even if it’s coming from friends.
  • Trojan virus is very common in various websites. These are the kind of viruses that will make your computer susceptible to attacks by allowing them to read and access your files. This virus type is extremely dangerous to your computer. While antivirus programs can check this menace, it is wise not to visit infected sites or download malicious scripts.
  • Worms are more complex than Trojan viruses and can affect and damage a network of computers.  A good example of this is the ILOVEYOU virus which caused a lot of damaged in various establishments. Keeping your antivirus updated is the easiest way to prevent worms.
  • The best way to combat virus is to stay away from untrusted sites, from opening emails from sources you don’t know, installing your spam folders and of course keeping your anti-virus up to date. Another way is to stay away from the temptation of downloading free software or files from the internet.
  • Finally scan any external drives for viruses you use for viruses before you access files from them.

Hope you like these tips, don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Author:- John has many hobbies and interests. As well being a keen blogger and article writer for many sites, he has also recently created a site focusing on. The site is constantly being updated and has articles on computer virus types. The site is constantly being updated and has articles on virus types.

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