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Pros and Cons of Social Networking in Life of Us

Social networking is recent invention of 21st century.  Social networking influences in life of each and everybody in the world. We have seen the effect of social networking on Libya revolution. Social networking made many peoples billionaire. Social networking has been used on election campaign of president of America. The social networking site could be considered as a treat that can be delightful if used in an organized manner on the same time, vicious when misused.

Pros of Social Networking are Explained on Following Points

  • Low Costs: use of online social networking is cheaper than making call someone or sending letter. That’s why peoples like to use social networking. It provides an extra facility to user that they can with several peoples at same time. You can share your thoughts with a group of people in a single attempt.
  • Builds trustworthiness: You can achieve confidence of customer so they will trust on you, if you are connected with them in personal and professional both the levels. When people believe on you then they will believe on products what you are selling. It increase annual turnover of your company.
  • Connections: the social networking site provides you a platform to connect with peoples. It expands your friend circle. Let us take an example you have a friend who is having connection with some doctors so that it means you are also connected with them. These connections are absolutely precious for your business.
  • Fastest way to share thoughts: social networking provides you the fastest way to share your thoughts with a large group of people than any other communication system. Companies are making their pages on social networking site for advertising themselves.

Cons of Social Networking are Explained on Following Points

  • Lack of confidentiality: in social networking site users puts some personal information so that people can know whom they are connected but some people misuses this facility. They misuse this information against you.
  • Scams and Harassment: There is a possible for collapse of security in both business and personal perspective. Sometimes people hacks your id on the social networking and misuse them. They present other that you are communicating with them but actually they communicate instead of you. They can diminish you social image.

Many of the Facebook users have been reported of hacking of their profiles. They reported that somebody posted some offensive posts using their id. Some of social networking site are banned on some countries like Pakistan have banned the Facebook because Facebook organized some offensive contents against their religion. In India government is working on applying some censorship on social networking site.

  • Time Consuming: People waste their precious time in doing nothing on social networking. Sometime people use social networking sites just for fun. They play games on it. They waste their time in watching offensive things on social networking.

Summary: The effect of social networking site depends on use of it. You can use it in a positive way like for sharing knowledge, enhancing your business, making good relation with people and enhancing your connection. But if you’re using it on other way or misuse this power then it is waste of time.

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