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Promotion via Twitter

The burst of Internet gave rise to different new ways of getting information needed very fast and effectively and also a new means of communicating via sending and receiving tweets. Many people all over the world sign up and create accounts to follow Public Relations. This two-way communication mode is very popular at present.

Twitter as a social networking service is used by quite different users and for quite different purposes. The leading goal for users is promotion via Twitter. For this purpose they do everything necessary. To promote yourself and make your account more active and popular users post actual news stories. “Tweet me” button that is placed in Share section gives an opportunity to promote your current posts via a re-tweet. Different links are shared and via Twitter live shows and events are organized.

To provide great promotion users create new and interesting posts, they also pay great attention to background and profile icons. They actively follow all comments and views and try to tweet frequently. Real time updates come as a help in this process, the main aim here is to be always at the center of information and informed.

Business promotion is really evident in recent years. Most companies create accounts on Twitter to promote their services and business projects. The opposite reaction is also very popular: if a user is disapproved of certain product or service he/she can easily damage its reputation via Twitter account by writing only a few tweets about the product.

The same refers to politicians and state leaders. Via Twitter they can achieve great promotion and gain publicity and popularity or just on the contrary.

Trending topics of different users are results of its user’s creativity but their role can’t be underestimated in the process of promotion.

All that is needed from a user is just a Twitter account, five seconds of time and a valid e-mail address to create it.

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