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Promote your Photography Blog on these Social Media Sites

Social Media Promotion for your Photography with a personal Photography Blog. Many people take photography seriously as it is their profession.   If you are a novice at photography but have an urge to excel in this field and earn money , pay heed to two things. Firstly, to become a professional photographer you must learn the art of photography in a proficient manner. That includes the skills, technical aspects and a penchant for creativity. Besides this to become a successful photographer you must maintain your personal photography blog.

Benefits of a Dedicated Photography Blog

The dedicated word here implies that the blog must be only for displaying for brilliant work . Just keep it for showcasing your talent and let people appreciate the pics.  A lot of text content and description mars the beauty and attractiveness of your blog . To nurture your career as a photographer you must maintain a Photography blog . The best website building platforms suitable for making a photoblog are Tumblr and WordPress as well. The thing that must receive attention is the Theme you use and how well it highlights your photographs. This is the blog that you must promote on Social Media sites.

Where to promote your photography blog 

Every individual wants to get traffic to the personal blog and also receive acclaim for his work. For this , you must choose the right websites and social networks . Here are some websites that can work for you . These are special websites where the visitors are really hooked to photos and not just casual browsers.

Photo.net  : This is a website completely devoted to photography. Set up a good portfolio over here and you will get targeted visitors.

SmugMug: It is a great place to market your best photos and even sell them. The great thing about this website is the ability to share on facebook and twitter . And also import your photos Picasa and iPhoto . It is actually a haven for photographers.

Flickr : There is no denying that this is the biggest place for photo promotion.

Also consider sharing photos from your blog on Tumblr, Stumble Upon and Delicious. People search these sites based on interest. So, if a person searches for photography , your blog must be right on the mark. This is different from a search engine where you need to depend on pagerank.

Author Bio:- This is a Guest Post by Gaurav Raghav. He loves to write useful articles on Loyfly . He likes to write about Social Media , online promotion and marketing strategies that work. 

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