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The Process of Digital Curation – [Infographic]

On the face of it, it is a daunting amount of digital data that we are all creating and storing on a daily basis around the planet.

When you consider that Facebook users share over two million pieces of content every single minute of  the day and seventy-two hours of video is uploaded to YouTube in the same time span, there are simply billions of bytes of data which need to be stored and organized as efficiently as possible.

If you just kept piling things into the attic as you collected them, you would soon be left with an amazing eclectic collection of items to sift your way though at some point and you would soon run out of attic space too.

Applying that analogy to digital curation gives you some idea of the importance of organizing content into an archive that can prove useful when access, rather than simply storing items and then facing a massive task of sorting everything out when you decide to clear your “digital attic” up.

This infographic takes a look at exactly what digital curation involves and what is being done to preserve and maintain data that can be used for digital research at some point in the future.

Not every YouTube video or Tweet needs to be preserved for prosperity of course and a lot of digital content is really only relevant in the moment and does not need to be retained for future generations to refer back to.

You only have to look at the size of data storage drives, which apparently double in capacity every year, to see that technology is keeping pace to a certain extent with data storage needs, but it still needs organizing properly.

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