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Prevent Hackers Attacks-10 Ways to Protect Blog From Hackers

One of the most important thing for a blogger is to save his blog from bad peoples (Hacker’s attacks). It is the most important issue for every blog and of course it is very sensitive issue. If you struggle on your blog and some one hack all your hard work in just a couple of minute, then what will be your feelings. Your blog is your business and no one would like to lose his business. You should keep in mind that any one can hack your blog if you will not secure your blog. Following are some tips and techniques which are very useful to protect your blog and prevent hackers.

10 Ways to Prevent Hackers

1. Upgrade to New Version

Hackers normally hack those blogs which are using outdated version of WordPress or any other blogger platform. Upgrading to new version will reduce the chances of hacking. WordPress which is the best and popular Content Management System always keep there data base up to the date, so that hackers can no easily hack any wordpress blog. Keep your blog up to date, whenever there is new version available, immediately upgrade your blog to the latest version.

2. Upgrade Plugins

Plugins are third party applications and wordpress is not responsible for any issue or risk that is related to any plugin. You should only install trusted plugins in your blog, and keep it updated to the latest version. Hackers can also try to hack your blog through installing plugins in your blog. So be inform about this issue and always install trusted plugins and keep update them.

3. Password

Any one can guess your password if it is a normal password like “anyname”, “Myblog”, “beautiful” etc. Don’t use regular terms in password. Use complected terms, numeric and symbols in your password. For example “45$3nmb)9!” is more secure then a normal password. Similarly “>gf)_+>@:mn)” is the most secure password.

4. Backup

Backup is always the best option to protect your blog. In case after doing all possible precautions your blog get hacked by some one, then you can easily upload your backup files of your blog to your webhost.

5. Delete  User

By default wordpress has “Admin” user in User option. After installing your wordpress blog immediately create another user and delete the default one. Similarly if you found any extra user in your User option, then delete all the extra users and transfer there posts and other data to your account.

6. Secure Login

Hackers use different techniques to steal your blog password and other information. Some hackers use login pages to steal your password and access your blog sensitive areas. The best way to protect your blog and login securly is to use Chap Secure Login Plugin which allows you login securely.

7. Permalink Structure

If you want to know that whether your blog is safe or hacked. Then check your blog posts permalink structures. If you found any extra code in your permalink code, then of course this is a hacker attack. Therefor always check your permalink if you are in doubt about your blog.

8. Scan Blog

Another way to protect your blog from hackers is to scan your blog for security holes. There is a plugin called WP Security Scan that helps you to scan your blog and find unusual activities in your blog. If your webhost has Scan feature then there is no need to install this plugin.

9. Password Attempt

As i mention in point no.3 that always use complected password so that it can not be easily guessed. Apart from this you must also install Login LockDown Plugin, which is use to lock password attempts on your blog. If some one is trying to guess your password and he or she fails to guess in 3 times, then this plugin will lock Login option for 1 hour.

10. Contact Your WebHost

Choosing the right webhsot has so many advantages and one of the most important and useful advantage is that whenever your blog get hacked by some one. Then you can contact your webhost and they can fight against the hacker. In one of my previous post i point out some reasons that why a webhost suck. Read the article and if your webhost is not able to provide maximum satisfaction then change your webhost company.

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