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4 Premium Web Apps All Small Businesses Need

Small businesses need all the help they can get these days. More than 50 percent of them fail in the first five years, and there are plenty that hang on by a thread for a few years after that before finally folding.

There are plenty of tools out there that any small business can take advantage of. These tools will give them a leg up, where other businesses continue to struggle and stumble. If you want your small business to make it past that five-year mark, you might consider using these premium tools.

Raven Tools

Whether handling your marketing in-house or hiring an outside firm, you will want a firm grasp of the process. Only by seeing this information can you determine if the results line up. Raven Tools is a program designed to keep track of the process behind many marketing campaign.

From social marketing to pay-per-click to link building, Raven provides tools that allow companies to track it. Businesses can install the software on their own domains, and can allow outside companies access to it. That allows for hybrid campaigns, where some facets come from in-house and others come from outside companies.

The versatile tool isn’t cheap, starting at $100 per month and going up for larger projects, but it is the one tool companies need for marketing. Get Raven Tools marketing software.


To-do lists can add a sense of urgency to a project. By breaking it up into little parts, organizations can create easy steps that each have a deadline. That ensures progress — and that the projects gets done on time. Since multiple employees typically work on projects, a group to-do list becomes more useful than one-off programs such as Google Tasks.

Toodledo is a powerful tool for individuals, but the the Pro version adds many sharing features that benefit small businesses. Specifically, the ability to assign tasks to different accounts helps keep teams coordinated. Built-in features that encourage follow-up ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Best of all, the Pro version of Toodledo is just a drop in the hat for small businesses. Used properly, it will pay itself back many times over. Get Toodledo task manager.


Even well-planned organizations can stumble when it comes to paperwork. There’s just so much of it. From billing to invoicing to bookkeeping, there are many areas where a growing business can go wrong. Is the solution to hire specialists? Maybe for larger businesses, but smaller ones probably can’t afford those costs. The other solution is to find software that can handle these tasks.

QuickBooks, one of the oldest names in accounting, has created viable solutions for small businesses. From single-person ventures all the way to larger enterprises, QuickBooks has online tools that will make it easy to send out invoice, set up billing accounts, and keep up with all kinds of employee records.

At between $27 and $40 per month for established businesses (in addition to a $13 monthly option for fledgling ones), QuickBooks has solutions that businesses can use and afford. Get software for small business by QuickBooks.


It seems as though there are almost too many cloud storage services these days. Some of them might appear on the surface better than Dropbox. Yet Dropbox remains the standard, especially for small businesses. They might offer less free space than Google Drive, and their rates above that might be higher, but there’s good reason. Dropbox is simply superior software for small businesses.

Small business employees can install Dropbox on all of their devices, which means they can access files anywhere. This makes businesses more flexible, and therefore more efficient. As with tasks list software, file sharing software adds another level of sharing and collaboration to projects.

The costs might seem high, but the returns are there if your organization needs flexibility. Get Dropbox cloud storage.

Author Bio:- Joe Pawlikowski is a blogger and small business owner. He writes about mobile technology at MobileMoo.

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