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Powerful Team Collaboration from Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub is the latest in innovative technology provided by Viju, which can transform the way you work as a team and share ideas, in order to progress as a business. With a highly interactive display, collaborative technology such as the Surface Hub streamlines existing processes within your business and allows your departments to work together effortlessly.

Many businesses across a number of industries plan to incorporate the latest technology, for fear of being overtaken by competitors, but technology failure and difficulties in setting up the device is often off-putting. However, as devices begin to develop further and new processes come into place, the likes of Microsoft Surface Hub create an environment that encourages collaborative tools.

Innovative technology

Technology now has the opportunity to develop further than before, transforming the workspace for the better. With functions such video conferencing and content sharing, you can get more out of your work environment than you ever thought possible. Delivering an immersive and interactive experience within your departments, Surface Hub allows you to use a number of universal apps as well as interactive presentations in order to meet your goals.

Thanks to an increase in mobile workforces or remote employees, Microsoft Surface Hub creates an online workspace that involves everyone in real time. Revolutionising the way people work together, even from other parts of the world, is a vital part of the Surface Hub’s capabilities. With recent significant changes in business communication and mobile technology, Microsoft Surface Hub and its interoperability in working with other systems means that it is a modern system; bringing your business into the 21st century.

Being both user-friendly and innovative, the Surface Hub takes meetings to the next level. With 80% of people believing that technology should make meetings easier and more productive, companies are looking towards integrating such technology to enhance the way people work together.

Powerful Team Collaboration


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