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Post-Panda Period: How To Recover?

The Panda update basically took the world by storm and more than 10% of the sites suffered. All content farms basically went down and many search engine optimization specialists had to find new tactics to eat. After around 1 year, the Google Penguin hit around 3 percent of the rest of the search results. Most webmasters did not recover after these huge blows. If you are among them, here is how you can recover. Use the strategies mentioned in order to get the best possible results in the future.

1# Using Viable Linking Opportunities

Now you need to get new links from sources that are relevant and that have a good authority. You need to stay focused only on domains that are linked to your niche. See if it is possible to get a link from a site that is really good so that it would look like of importance for human visitors. Do not waste your time in the event that there are not many human visitors present.

2# Always Use The Best Possible Tools

It is a shame to notice that most people still do not use software. SEO programs were created in order to make the job of the webmaster easier. Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer are just 2 of the different tools that can be utilized to locate high authority search domains. Find those that are really good but approach them as a human, not as an SEO specialist.

3# Focus On Content Marketing

Text stands out as highly powerful and most of what you find on the internet is text. However, this does not mean that there are not other content sources that do count. The most common examples that should be mentioned are videos, ebooks, widgets and guides. When your content marketing techniques is good, you might end up with a viral response. That is always great as it can bring in highly relevant one way backlinks for free.

4# Manual Approval Sites Should Be Preferred

When the link that you obtain is not coming in with the involvement of a person, it will never be valuable. All the sites that do not have a manual review process will offer links that will lose value. This is because the sites will be penalized.

5# Balanced Anchor Text Is Important

Around 70 percent of the links that point to your pages have to mention domain name, URL and brand. Just 10% have to be focused on keywords and the rest can be mixed with broad terms, partial matches, broader terms or other brand names. Excessive backlinks that have the same anchor text or using anchor texts too often is a bad idea.

6# Focus On Social Media

What you might not know is that major search engines now use social data in order to improve search results. Your social sharing activity stands out as a very important signal as it will indicate the fact that a real human sees your content as valuable. Stay focused on getting many likes, +1s, shares and tweets for the pages that are really important for you.

7# Never Use Mass Link Building Techniques

All techniques that bring in thousands of different links in short time periods will lead towards algorithms seeing your activity as suspicious. When using automation or you buy many links at once, the search engines will notice this. If it does not happen now, it will in the future!

8# Analyze Your Competition

It is a bad idea to copy things that are done by competitors but you can see link profiles in order to get ideas. This helps you out a lot because you understand the work that is necessary in order to rank very well for specific terms. Use the information that you are offered in order to build an effective linking strategy.

9# Build Good Relationships

Many of the very good links that you can gain will be obtained because of personal relationships. It is recommended to go to seminars so that you can get people that are authority figures in your industry with a good web presence. Build your network and develop real relationships. Eventually links will start coming in without you even doing much to get that.

Author Bio:- Kate Funk is a passionat tutor online. She coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills.

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