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Portable Gaming Through the Years

Back just a few years ago, the possibility of being able to experience HD graphics on a portable device was a pipe dream. We were not even at the stage where HD televisions were widely available yet, and mobile phones were just beginning to appear with colour screens.

Gaming devices have come on in leaps and bounds since those days. The technology that was innovative and cutting edge back then informed and inspired what we know today, but nonetheless, the technology that was available even just ten years ago was terribly basic comparatively speaking.

One of the most popular gaming devices available these days is the iOS series of devices, particularly the iPad and iPad2. With such visual clarity from such a small device, it is no wonder that the entire industry flipped its lid when the iPad was originally announced. Boasting the same computing power as what would have been a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of top of the range computer about ten years ago, it truly was a shocking surprise when it was released.

The gaming world was astonished by it too, and has taken it to heart since its release. Its ability to bring top notch graphics in a shape that is smaller than a book has made it a favourite among those who are serious about their games.

The sheer range of choice available is also impressive. With thousands of games available on the iOS App store, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re into online casino games or old school platforming action, the gaming world has never been more convenient or close at hand. And because of its portable nature, it’s taken the number one spot as the favourite device to take with gamers practically anywhere. The future has arrived.

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