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Plixer Launches Security Solution for BYOD Problems

Cell phone tracking has always been an issue with the tracker being able to access all kinds of information from the target device and even Blackberry, once known as the most secure smartphone platform, is now facing its share of spy software for Blackberry. Plixer is amongst some of the leading firms developing solutions for problems such as cell phone tracking. With the rapid increase in the Bring Your Own Device culture things such as spy software for Blackberry or any other device can be a hassle to handle specifically for the firm amongst such a varied mix of devices. The information which Plixer has compiled and published is aimed at IT experts running an enterprises’ network in order to help them better understand how to protect their networks. The information used to develop this guide is taken from real world data gathered by Plixer.

This new publication stems from many organizations’ need for a better security setup, the first step to do this however is to better understand what needs improvement. As there is an increasing number of employee bringing their devices to work and using them to help with work many firms have come across bandwidth concerns and with it security problems. Whether it is a tablet of smartphone once it is onto the corporate network, monitoring and managing it will be helped with this plan. This development from Plixer will help IT experts in making it possible to know exactly what is going on throughout their network at any time they may want to know. It will be possible to keep a watch on the condition of every connected device to the network once flow technologies have been employed.

In the past most organizations have made use of what is known as an IDS system, however when compared to the new flow technology offered by Plixer it does seem limited. IDS security systems are designed to prompt the network with a notification regarding any unusual activity or possible threat on a device connected to the network. On the other hand through flow technology is constantly running a scan on all connected devices and alongside this is providing status updates of however the connected devices are functioning. According to officials from Plixer the new system which they recommend works more like CCTV monitoring and is keeping an eye out for any disturbance on the corporate network. After this system is in place IT expert who are managing the network only need to ensure that appropriate data for recovery and tools to manage an incident are available.

This solution by Plixer is not only more effective in terms of uprooting possible threats to the network but will also benefit organizations monetarily as it is a cheaper solution than having to build packet libraries which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In a much cheaper solution firms will be able to store up to several months worth of monitoring data about their networks. With this instant form of detection firms will be able to protect themselves in a much better manner as compared to an IDS security solution. In fact the flow system solution is such a good filter that it can even provide network administrators with information about secured web pages that may even transmit encrypted data. The reporting services are able to compile in depth reports analyzing all activity that is generated by online devices as well as application or services which may be running. It will make it a breeze for administrators to see how much bandwidth is being allocated to any use and how that bandwidth is further being used by the user.

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