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Picking the Right Domain Name For Your Website

Domain Name for Website

A domain name in simple terms is what people type into their browser to access any given website. It is used to uniquely identify the location of a particular web address.

Domain names play a very significant role in uniquely identifying an organization on the internet, and picking the right one can be easier said than done.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when picking a domain name for your website.

Make it stand out

The ideal domain name has to be very unique. No other organization ought to possess it as this may infringe the various copyright and trademark laws. To ensure that the name is unique, you should research it for potential conflicts. The last thing you want is to build a site and brand, only to be forced to change the name later.

Make it relevant

It has to have a relevant extension. A domain name extension is a special category of internet domain names. It uniquely identifies the different organizations as per their niche/areas of specialization. For instance, .com infers a commercial entity, .org a not-for-profit organization, .gov a government agency, .info an informational site/institution, .ac and .edu for educational institutions e.t.c. The extension has to accurately reflect the nature of the organization in question in order to eliminate any ambiguities.

Keep it simple

Simplicity, they say, “is the best policy.” The preferred domain name has to be very simple to pronounce, spell, and type. It should not have any hyphens or numbers as this may complicate it and make it difficult to recall and type when the need arises.

Make it Memorable

For a domain name to be easily remembered it has to be as short and as precise as possible. It should ideally be the brand (unique) name of the organization. This also helps make sure your website can be found when people search for your company by name.

Don’t delay

Domain names are taken quickly and a lot of the good ones unfortunately are already taken. Some organizations actually devote all of their time in searching for the various domain names and registering them after which they sell them later to other organizations at a higher price.

For this reason, I wouldn’t wait to buy your desired domain name. Getting your domain name long before you build your website, could save you from overpaying for your desired name. It’s easy to check if your domain is available or whether it’s already been registered.

A domain name can truly make or break your business’s online success. Therefore it’s important to put thought into it before pulling the trigger and buying a domain name.

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