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Photographer’s Guide in Choosing the Perfect Drone

Drone Photography
Drones are one of the best holiday gifts this year. Their affordability and utility have made the drones, one of the best inventions of the past few years. They’re not a toy for rich people anymore.

This has allowed them to turn into a great photography device used by a wide range of professionals, but especially, photographers. Drones open a great new potential for photographers as it can be used in ways that would have been impossible without them. No more climbing trees or rocks to get to stunning panoramas. Aerial photography is now a thing within the reach of almost everybody. But in order to work with drones, there are several things you need to know, and several rules you must follow. Keep reading to find out Rules to Follow.

As in everything in this life, it is essential to work with drones respecting other and the environment. There are some non-written rules that must be followed for the sake of civility. Not everything is ok for the sake of photography.

Here are some easy rules you must follow:

  1. Don’t fly near stadiums or within five miles of airports
    2. Don’t fly over 400 feet
    3. Don’t lose sight of your drone
    4. Don’t fly at night
    5. Don’t overfly other people

How to Pick your First Drone

If you are not an expert, you probably have some doubts when the time of buying your first drone comes. Am I going to be able to afford it? What are the best brands? Well, don’t worry. In this article, we are going to take a review of some tips to follow to make the right choice when buying a drone camera.

Can I Afford a Camera Drone?

The days when only high-budget Hollywood productions could afford record and shooting aerial photos is over. Drone technology has brought normal people the possibility of discovering new (and high) perspectives when taking photographs.

There are several things regarding the price you must take into account before buying a camera drone.

  • If you want to buy a drone with an integrated camera, you’ll have to spend over $400 to have some stabilization.
  • If you already have a GoPro and are looking for an economic drone, there are some drones with stabilizations and GPS that could match your narrow budget.
  • If you are a beginner and want a drone just to learn to fly it, don’t spend more than $50.

Beginner Camera Drones

Have you decided to take your photographs to the next level? You want to buy a drone, but aren’t very sure how to do it? If you are about to buy your very first drone, you have two paths to follow. On the one side, you can buy a cheap drone (no more than $40) to learn the basics and once you manage it, buy a better, more expensive one. On the other side, if you feel more or less comfortable with the functioning of drones, you can buy a more expensive one with GPS, stable enough when flying, and that can return home if you lose it.

What Beginner Drones to Buy?

If you have never flown a drone, you will probably need a bit of practice before jumping to action and getting serious. I am sure you don’t want to crash a $400 drone.

In my opinion, you have three options here:

  • Buy two, or more, really cheap drones (about $20) and learn the basics of flying near your house. If you mess up, you wouldn’t have lost so much money, and you’ll have a backup.
  • Get a cheap beginner drone ($50) with a low-quality camera. It is a good way of familiarizing yourself with the insights of drone photography at a low risk
  • If you are a fast learner, you can also get a cheap one and a more expensive one. This way, you can practice a bit with the cheap one and directly jump to action

What are the Best Beginner Drones of the Market?

JJRC H36 – this is a great drone for beginners. Its small size, low weight (only 22gr.) and strong structure make it perfect for an inside practice. If you are learning to fly, this is your drone.
Where to buy it? – You can get it for $13.99 in Gear Best.

Cheerson CX-10 – this drone is perfect for you if you’re looking for a cheap drone with an integrated, medium-quality camera. It’s the smallest drone in the market now.
Where to buy it? – You can get it for $15.91 in Gear Best.
Hubsan x4 – this is a very well-done drone, with an integrated camera and the latest technology.
Where to buy it? – You can get if for $32 on Amazon.

Professional and Semi-Professional Camera Drones

Now that we have covered everything related to beginner drones and you know all you need to know we’re going to jump to the next level. Professional and semi-professional drones vary from price and features depending on your purposes. To get a high-quality drone with which you can do awesome things can range from $500 to $1500 USD.

If you want to invest in drone technology, but don’t know where to start, here you have a list of the best 3 drones of the moment. Take a look!

  1. Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K
    This is a pricy, but the precise drone for someone who wants to get started in the aerial photography hobby. The dream drone of many users.
    It offers awesome camera controls with a first – person view tap the screen.
    You can get it for $689.99 in Tomtop.
  2. DJI Inspire 2
    If you are a professional that’s going to use the drone for something other than leisure, this is your drone. With a 20-30-minute lasting battery, it can withstand wind pressure easily. Charging times are rather short, which is something not all drones can say, and it offers a powerful controller. You can get it for $2,999.99 at Amazon
  3. DJI Phantom 4
    This is one of the best professional drones of the market. DJI Phantom 4 offers 30 minutes of flight time, fast charging and 4k video. And although it’s one of the heaviest drones out there (1.3kg), it works great and really pays off. Moreover, the relationship price-quality is quite good. You can get DJI Phantom 4 on Amazon for only $808.49.

Now you can to get started in the world of drones. But if you still need more information, you can always check Half Chrome Drones, a useful resource which offers reviews of the best drones of the markets regularly.

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