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Photagious-Online Photo Sharing and Web SlideShow Presentation

Photagious is used for online Photo Sharing and Web SlideShow Presentations. Photogious offer you to store and upload unlimited pictures with no ads.You can store your files with out any worry, because photagious also offer secure storage and sharing for its users. The good thing is that you can share your stored files, without having any ads around the file. You can store your file with tags, so that you can also find your stored files through tags.

Update:- This site is no more available. You can find similar services in this post.

Key Features of Photagious

Allow others to download your photos
Upload Photos
Upload Videos
Password Protection for uploaded Photos and Videos
Sell your Photos to Media Company
Detail Reports
Upload from your Desktop
Allot of more features are available


You can try Photagious for 7 days Trail and after trail , you have to pay $3.95/month. If you want to pay yearly then you can get 2 months free as a bonus. The features inside Photagious are more worthy then a few bucks.

For more information and getting 7 days Trail follow this Link.

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