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Pay For Your Delivery In An All New Way With the iPhone

Having food delivered has never been so easy. Recent technology has introduced new payment methods that make both the merchant and the customer’s life easier. Merchants can attach a simple attachment to their delivery drivers’ iPhones, allowing them to accept credit cards when they drop off their deliveries. There is even new technology for customers that allow them to pay for their food with their own iPhone, without ever swiping their credit or debit card. This new technology is a bit different, but it is universally beneficial for everyone, and it could change the way that you order takeout.

Pay On The Spot

You will be amazed by just how quickly and easily you can pay your delivery driver on the spot with your credit or debit card if they have an iPhone card swiping attachment and application. A small attachment is placed on their iPhone, where the delivery driver will quickly swipe your card. Using their iPhone, your sale will go through immediately, just as if you were swiping your card at a more typical credit card terminal. You can even give your signature by writing it directly on the iPhone screen.

Safe and Convenient

Some delivery services allow you to pay for your delivery over the phone when placing your order, but many people feel uncomfortable with giving this information out over the telephone. With new iPhone payment options, this fear can be put to rest. Many people are also unsure about leaving a tip for their delivery driver before receiving their food, as they are unsure of the service that they are going to receive, but you no longer have to with the iPhone card swiping attachment. You can also skip inconvenient trips to the ATM that result in bank fees when you purchase from delivery companies that offer this payment method.

Leave a Tip

Instead of having to search the house for a few dollars to tip your delivery driver, you can use your credit or debit card to leave a tip. The iPhone application allows you to do so when your card is swiped, and taxes will also be added as usual.

Receive a Receipt

If you think that you will miss out on getting a receipt after you have paid on one of these nifty attachments, think again. Merchants can opt to send you a receipt automatically via email.

Add Technology To Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone yourself, you do not even have to use the merchant’s credit card reader at all. Instead, you can download a free app for your iPhone that allows you to pay for your delivery without ever swiping your card.

See It In Action

Although this technology is still being implemented in many businesses across the United States, you should see it more frequently in the coming months and years. Next time you call your favorite delivery service, ask if they offer this method of payment.

With the use of iPhone payment systems, your delivery purchases will seem more secure than ever before, and you will be astonished when you see this technology in action.

Author Bio:- Alexandra North is a freelance blogger and occasionally writes for delivery.com a site she loves using to find local Delivery Chinese Food services using their Delivery New York directory.

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