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Pay as you Go Sim

A pay as you go, or a pre-paid SIM is one of the simplest options available to the consumer. You only pay for how much you use, and you can top-up whenever required. This gives you the freedom to change providers whenever you want to, without needing to worry about deposits or any other tie-ups with your existing provider. If you are not satisfied with the service provided to you, you can just stop topping up, and move to a new provider.

Even if you want to stick with the same mobile service provider, you will have many options like topping-up for a different amount so that you may use different call rates and tariffs. Topping up for higher amounts may usually give you better options on number of free texts, or tariffs on internet usage.

Some of the things to keep note of while using a Pay as you go sim:

Review the call and text rates – The rates for calls and texts on a Pay as you go SIM will usually be higher than on a normal usage one, so do take note of the rates before you start using it. Else you might find your balance depleting at a very high rate.

Check your balances – All service providers provide an easy way for you to check your balance through a toll-free phone call or an SMS. So please make sure you have an idea of what your balance is at any point of time, and not get surprised by the sudden running out of credit.

Top up on the go – If you keep track of your balances, you can top up just when required, and choose the amount of top-up that gives you the best deal. Most service providers now provide many easy ways to top up,

  • You can use your credit or debit card online or from an ATM to refill your account
  • The service provider may have enabled retailers to top-up the account using some electronic cards
  • You may be able to purchase top-up cards in different denominations and use the pin number on those to refill your account.

Check your validity – Most pay as you go SIMs come with a pre-determined validity, and other than the periodic top-up, also require a recharge for the validity period too. Some offers like a “Lifetime” validity come with long validity periods of 2 or 3 years, but most others need a recharge at 6 months. You need to keep track of this timing also, and recharge when required to keep your connection in working condition.

Know the limitations – Other than knowing about the probably increased call rates for pay as you go SIMs, also check regarding required services like International Dialing if this is something you might require. Check with your service provider if there is a way to enable these services.

Do take all these criteria into account when you decide to use a Pay as you SIM, and make the best use of it if you feel it is the best fit for your needs.

Author Bio:- Henry writes on Tech and Mobile as a hobby. He contributes his articles on various websites and recommends internetdongle.com for the best rates.

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