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Parental Monitoring Apps- Beating Bullying Like a Pro

Hate crime, abusive language and bullying are becoming so common in our society and it started to get on my nerves. Whenever I thought of these harsh realities I became so worried because my kids were so innocent to tackle all these growing-up issues. At times, I felt so guilty that maybe it’s my mistake that my teens are too mellow to cope with bullies at school. Evey other day, y son or daughter would come home from school either physically beaten or emotionally drained.

Parental Monitoring Apps

My son is lanky and thus he’s bullied at school. Kids call him mean names and put him through humiliating stuff. My daughter, on the other hand, is way too smart and thus is looked down at by her class mates. Instead of feeling good about her good grades, she stays under the hood and never takes pride in what she’s good at.

Naturally, these things work me up. It petrifies me how they will excel in future. The worst thing is that they’ve stopped telling me about these things at school. They get embarrassed and so they make up stories which I know are not true. And that’s how I decided to use parental monitoring apps to keep an eye on what they were going through.

Kids have to go through a lot!

These days, kids have it tough. They are at the risk of online bullying- cyber bullying and the offline bullying at school. Both the bullying and cyberbullying are growing issues among teens these days. To show off their power and group strengths, teens are targeting other students at school and even after the school through the Internet. I have been reading about the bullying facts and last week I came across an infographic on Visual.ly.

This infographic is not showing a small number, it’s 3.2 million! Isn’t it shocking? But yes, it’s true. Millions of students are being bullied each year and among those 160,000 miss the school due to bullying.

39 % are being bullied due to their appearance and a large number of them undertake the cosmetic surgery each year. It’s clear that bullying can harm the self-image and confidence of kids and it’s definitely something to take very seriously.

My experience and my selection

To deal with my parental distress, I discussed the matter with my kids and tried to counsel them about what could be the risk for them out there and how they should cope with all. Well, I was underestimating their exposure. They were aware of much more than what I was expecting. But for my peace of mind I selected an app FamilyTime which was very good at developing a friendly bond with kids.


I tried its different features and they didn’t disappoint me. Here are some:


  • GPS location tracking
  • Browsing history logging
  • Call logs and Contacts mirroring
Parental Monitoring Apps Features
  • Watchlisting suspicious contacts
  • Blocking apps
  • Geo-fencing particular Places

Using these features, I am able to keep tabs on where they go, especially my son. Often his class mates used to drive him to abandoned places and just leave him there to torture him. But FamilyTime let me track him and know instantly if they take him to those places. And for my daughter, I used the Watchlist contacts feature a lot. There were some mean girls who would call her up and say mean things. When she won’t tell me about those numbers, I had to find it myself and here is how FamilyTime proved extremely handy! So I got down to those numbers and then reported them at her school.

I can say that 3 months with FamilyTime and I am finally helping my children shed the stress off and enjoying life together!

You can also download free FamilyTime app from Google Play and Apple iTunes:

Apple iTunes



Protect from online and offline bullying

Keeping an eye on the kids’ whereabouts is quite satisfying and I’m enjoying my parenting. I would suggest you too to stay relaxed and shift your parental woes to FamilyTime app. After using the app myself, I would excitedly say that parental monitoring apps actually work and they can actually save your kid from horrible bullying incidents!

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