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Kidgy Review – The App for Parental Control


After watching a movie “A Cinderella story” on how teens met via blind chatting, your kid might want to find a mysterious stranger to share opinions with, which parents, to their mind, are literally unable to understand. In a movie [...]

Why you and your business need a POS System


If you are a shop owner and you are still stuck in the past, believe me, it is about time that you come kicking and screaming into the 21st Century! If you don’t soon, you can be sure that your [...]

World-class IT Pros Trained in Ukraine


When a new generation IT school, 42 opened last year in the Silicon Valley, few people in Fremont, California knew that a similar school had already been functioning in the capital of Ukraine under the name of UNIT Factory. Both [...]

Why Is Social Media Important To The Gaming Industry?

Social Media

For decades now, many homes throughout the United States have revolved around entertainment. At first, families bought radios to keep themselves occupied, followed by televisions, which remain a staple in most houses to this day. That said, while the television [...]

Embracing Non-Technical Employees As Part of Your Tech Company Team


As a company grows, it requires more human resources (HR) employees, marketers, salespeople and other non-technical staff. Finding people with specific technical knowledge who can also cover these areas is hard. On the other hand, hiring only employees for their [...]

Picking the Right Domain Name For Your Website


A domain name in simple terms is what people type into their browser to access any given website. It is used to uniquely identify the location of a particular web address. Domain names play a very significant role in uniquely [...]