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What Are The Main Difficulties That Cause Latency? [Infographic]


There are several reasons that causes latency issues. For example Network traffic is typically carried on optical cables that are naturally limited to speed of light. Refraction within these cables further slows data transfer, which may need seven and a [...]

How to Make a Student Blog Profitable?


The number of student bloggers is increasing in the United States, in the United Kingdom, and around the world. This is because students nowadays rely heavily on internet material.  There are student blogs which serve as a forum for certain [...]

Viber Out – A Free App for Low-Cost International Calls and More


Most of us enjoy chatting with friends and family far away. Unfortunately, phone calls can be expensive – and worries about cost can prevent us from catching up as often as we’d like to. How to decrease the cost of [...]

4 ways to improve your business’s customer service


Small businesses have an advantage over larger businesses when it comes to customer service. Since there are less levels of workers between the manufacturer of the product and the head of the company, nearly everyone is involved with every aspect [...]

InsTube – Free Youtube Video and Music Downloader for Android


All of us spend a large part of our mobile bills on data services. Have doubts? Well, according to research, mobile internet users spend at least 65% of their mobile bills on the usage of Internet data. The same research [...]

5 Casino Games to Blow Your Mind


You wouldn’t normally think of a casino game when it comes to state of the art technology. However, these days we can’t believe our eyes when it comes to the most cutting-edge casino games. Slot machines have unbelievable themes and [...]