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Soda PDF: The Perfect Mac Reader


For all the MAC users, dealing with the PDF files may be a problem but no more because Soda PDF is here to allow you to read, edit and deal with PDF files. Soda Software is optimized specifically for the [...]

Powerful Team Collaboration from Microsoft Surface Hub


Microsoft Surface Hub is the latest in innovative technology provided by Viju, which can transform the way you work as a team and share ideas, in order to progress as a business. With a highly interactive display, collaborative technology such [...]

How Video Conferencing is becoming Increasingly Secure


Communications within businesses is changing, we’re in an ever-changing digital landscape and being able to easily discuss things within a business environment is important; information is required immediately, meetings are needed at the drop of a hat and what is [...]

Top Video Marketing Statistics of 2016


Your digital strategy is incredibly important to the overall performance of your website, which can have a positive or negative impact on the success of your business. Content is a vital part of your strategy and should be carefully considered [...]

Is a tech bubble a possibility?


While the tech industry is booming, with venture capitalists throwing money around in Silicon Valley like there is no tomorrow, some are beginning to get a little worried. Of course, we need to encourage innovation and creative ways to solve [...]

Understanding the Importance of Two Factor Authentication in Document Security


Image Source:pixabay.com An essential safety characteristic worth seeking in a virtual data room is that of two factor authentication. Simply put, two factor authentications relates to a procedure where increased measures are taken to affirm an individual's identification before permitting [...]