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PCB Design Software Market Demand is Increasing Rapidly


A PCB layout software is something an electrical engineer needs when he or she is done with the initial prototyping and designing stage of the PCB project at hand. The main function of pcb software is to construct, inspect and [...]

Fraud alert – The hidden secrets of identity theft


As an average Joe on the internet, I tend to venture far and wide between everything available to me: entertainment, scholastic interests (here are there when I am feeling it), social media sources or, business networks. The point is I [...]

Microgaming vs. NetEnt: Who Reigns Supreme as The Online Casino Software Development King


As online gambling looks set to only increase in popularity and influence, it all comes down to the software wizards behind the games to decide where online casino gaming will be five, ten years in the future. The increase in [...]

Why you need CRM for Inbox


Your CRM system and email inbox are two completely different services. Each has a dedicated site, a separate interface, and it's own set of features. Occasionally you might find a CRM system which has its own emailing service which usually [...]

Cool New Features of the Latest MacBook Pro


The new MacBook Pro is finally upon us. Freelance writers, graphic designers, and photographers around the world are undoubtedly rejoicing. Other than the typical updates to power, speed, display, and reduction to the width, the latest iteration of the MacBook [...]

How to access websites in and from China?


Despite some positive advances in international relations and improvements in civil rights over past two decades or so, the Chinese government still retains elements of strict control over its citizens. Despite there now being a higher availability of international media [...]