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Interest in Powerball Explodes in 2016


What did people search for on Google in 2016? In a year marked by the U.S. presidential elections and the Rio 2016 Olympics it may come as quite a surprise to learn that the top two American search queries were [...]

How to Increase Sales Efficiency with Technology?


The primary aim of any business is to gain profit through sales. The evolution of technology has made it easier to monitor and manage sales and thus increase revenues. We are all living in a technologically advanced world. Every event [...]

7 Tips for Leveraging Enterprise Software for Businesses


In today's evolving and challenging business climate, industries are facing escalating competition, cost cuts, digital transformation, and aging assets, necessitating a fact-based acceleration toward enterprise software. Employing this software promotes efficient change management, the ability to leverage big data, the [...]

Workfast Offers Efficient Platform To Cater To All Temporary Staff Needs


Workfast, an on-request hiring office, says that the technology it uses is able to cut costs by 30%, giving better conditions to workers. Workfast, which releases all over the nation, makes use of on-demand technology to associate laborers with working [...]

Essential SEO Checklist for Blog Posts


The power and prevalence of blogging has endured through the changing online landscape, and remains a vastly popular medium. Because of this, competition levels across a variety of topics is fierce, to the point that many bloggers struggle for visibility [...]

Exactly what it sounds like: Why the Ping of Death needs to be prevented, and how to do so


With all the attention distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are now getting for being big bad horrible things, you have to wonder if the security specialists who named the different attack types didn’t miss out on some opportunities. The [...]