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Video Games and the Emergence of Betting


The video games sector has been one of the major beneficiaries of improving technologies and faster broadband access since the turn of the century. From the early days of console and PC based gaming, games today benefit from online platforms, [...]

Hollywood Stars Using Slot Machines to Earn Millions


Ask gamblers, and they’d testify that playing slots is one of the most primitive forms of gambling. Since it is easy to play and is accessible, a vast majority of upcoming gamblers straighten their hands on a slot machine before [...]

3 Reasons Online Security Is A Great Blogging Niche


If you’re still looking for a niche topic to blog about, online security might not seem like the perfect choice. After all, you’ve probably come across 5 articles about VPNs this week on Facebook alone. You’d be forgiven for thinking [...]

6 Benefits of Source Code Analysis


With the rapid rise in cybercrime and growing demands on system performance, IT security is increasingly taking center stage. Conventional tools such as firewalls and antivirus software are no longer sufficient in battling the complex, ever-changing threat environment that brings [...]

Passenger Drone is the Future – WATCH it in Action


Many of us must have imagined being able to fly to our destination especially when stuck in traffic jams or at risk of running late to work. Well, with the recent launch of the highly impressive Passenger Drone, our ‘imagination’ [...]

Improve Your Time Management Skills Using Time Tracking Software


Time management is a skill that you just don’t learn overnight. It is something that you have to work really hard on if you want to arrive at a result. There are people who easily get frustrated when they don’t [...]