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Is Playing Video Games Good for Your Brain?


According to Nottingham Trent University’s professor of Gambling Studies, Mark Griffiths, video game play is beneficial to brain function. Playing fun games, including puzzle games, board games, and online games, can have multiple positive effects on cerebral function. Over the [...]

So You Want To Start A Podcast At Home? Here’s The Secret


There are plenty of misconceptions about podcasting, foremost among which is that it is difficult to do. The mere thought of the technicality behind producing a podcast that people want to listen to intimidates many that they don’t even bother [...]

How To Grab Files From A Backup With iMazing


Our whole life is that we receive and give information. Without such an information exchange, we would not have lived a day. What do you want to do with this information initially? Most likely, keep it and safely protect it. [...]

7 Tips for Managing Your Schedule like a Pro with Printable Calendars


Why is schedule so important for your business? It might not seem so, when you think of all your business departments, activities and responsibilities. However, schedule defines your work and, eventually, your results. However, managing your schedule might seem like [...]

11 Tips for Buying a Perfect Smartphone


Hey there! Is your current phone lagging like crazy? Are you having regular battery and charging issues? Is your phone turning off and on on its own? Has the company stopped software updates for your phone? Okay now that we [...]

Should You Pay for A Professional CV Writing Service?


There’s no correct way to create a CV. However, consider these general rules when creating a CV Have the information easily read and laid out: The information in the CV is organized, not cramped, and easy to read. It’s concise [...]