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Overview of Top Ten Social Media Sites

We are living in the era of technology, the internet is the place where you can read all about a person with a single click, and the social networks represent the best place to do this. From updating the status to the photos, each action on this site will display new stages of life to all the friends, or even to people that you don’t really know. Let’s see the most important social media sites, and why those platforms became so important for humankind.

10. Orkut

Orkut is the Google social network, with a huge popularity in Brazil. The official statistics say that 20 million people from Brazil visit Orkut every day, but it is also popular in USA and India. An amusing fact about the popularity of this website is the fact that the Brazilian popularity comes from the fact that Orkut is easy for them to pronounce.

9. Skyrock

SkyRock is the number one social networking site in France, and it has begun as a simple blog. Step by step, the increasing numbers of visitors transformed it into a popular social network. Skyrock is not different from other profile sites; therefore, its popularity comes from the fact that it is a French site.

8. illegitim

Illegitim is a social network that wants to facilitate human relationships between persons without inhibitions. The platform offers an original dating virtual space for all the users, which is called timies, a place where people express their wish to talk without inhibitions about their passions.

7. MySpace

Although it is one of the oldest social networks, a site that was once considered as the third most important social network in the world, MySpace has serious problems currently, and with the popularity of YouTube and other resembling platforms, it seems like a social network based on music preferences is not such an appealing idea today.

6. hi5

Hi5 is a social network that had a smart strategy. It is one of the oldest social networks, and in 2003 when it appeared, its only competition in US was MySpace and the new Facebook. Hi5 realized that the battle for the American market was lost for them since 2004; therefore, they have decided to go for other continents. The network has a huge popularity in Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia.

5. Google Plus

Google + is the mew social network of Google, and it has the potential of becoming the most popular social network of the world. Google is a giant, after all, and this network was built around other Google services such as the search engine and Gmail.

4. YouTube

Although it is not a traditional social network, Youtube offers a large number of features, such as the possibility to post comments, and to have your own account with a detailed profile.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It has more than 30 million users, and it is made with the desire to connect professionals having the same interests or area of activity.

2. Twitter

Half a site, half a social network, Twitter can be considered as the inventor of micro-blogging. People are allowed to follow people, and to be followed at the same time. Twitter is the most important network for celebrities, some of them having more than 3 million followers.

1. Facebook

The undisputed leader of social networks recently celebrated the account with the number 1 billion. Although it is rumored, even confirmed that hundreds of millions of accounts are fake, it still remains the most important method for people to connect with other people.

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