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How to Optimize Your Online Videos?

Video marketing is something that is constantly on the rise, making it something you should probably be thinking about especially as a business. Creating an online presence for yourself and your brand through video can be highly beneficial in many different ways, if it is done correctly. Video is on track to be the future of content marketing, with 70% of consumer internet traffic being in video form by the time we reach 2017.

Video websites, for example YouTube and Vimeo, have been growing from strength to strength and are now growing in popularity for businesses. It is a new way for sharing valuable content and sending out a branded message in an innovative manner. Online video is popular with marketers in particular as they realise its potential to entertain and inform their audience.

Video is a great way to expand your branding and advertising campaigns, if you have the correct tools and know-how. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and so you will no doubt have a lot of competition when it comes to getting your videos noticed. Here are a few tips to help you optimise your videos and ensure they reach the desired audience!

Optimize Online Videos

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Be original and unique

Your first thought when creating a video, whether it be on YouTube or another platform, is how it will stand out against the masses of video already out there. There may be hundreds of videos online that already do what you are thinking, so you need a strategy to stand out.

Thinking outside of the box to come up with novel and creative ideas is incredibly important. You should consider making notes or immediately writing down any ideas that pop into your head so you can expand on them at a later date. Confidence in your ideas and utilising your team around you to the best of their ability is a great combination to creating a collection of videos for your audience.

SEO techniques

Getting your video seen by the right people is essential; if your content isn’t being watched by your target audience then you may have wasted your time.

There are a number of things to consider when you come to optimisation. Giving your video a title, a short description and even adding tags can help your video be picked up by search engines and people who are searching for your topic. Choosing keywords to include in any written content when uploading your videos must also be considered; summarising what the video is about will hopefully bring in viewers.

Elements such as long-tail keywords and even the placement of your keywords in the content surrounding your video can make a big difference to its success once you have uploaded it.

Create Call to Actions

If you are uploading videos as a business, or as part of your marketing strategy, there is normally a purpose to it. Making this obvious and placing a call to action in your video can ensure you receive leads back to your website or engagement from your audience in some way. This can prompt your audience to do something in return after watching your video. Call to action buttons can also help you measure the progress of your video campaign to see if it is effective.

Video is now a strong and viable way to get across your message in a new medium and it may even be worth looking at a creative agency, such as Creative Spark, to help you begin your journey to creating a successful and engaging video campaign.

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  • Sunil Kumar

    April 18, 2016, 10:09 am

    Basically I never experimented Video Marketing. Your article gave me idea about Video Marketing. Thanks for your article and keep sharing more.


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