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4 Online Tools to Set Your Website Apart

online tools

Whether you’re a fledgling company fighting for your place in a competitive market, or an old dog hoping to learn a few new business-bolstering tricks, there’s always more to be learned in the world of digital.

The benefits of online innovation mean that you have a wide array of options available to you when hoping to broaden your horizons and keep your company on people’s minds. However, it also means that it’s easy to fall behind in the flood of tricks and troubles that come with each new innovative idea.

For those feeling like their website may be missing out on some of the fantastic finds and updates that others have utilised to resounding success, we’ve put together a brief list of our top picks for website reinvigoration!

Data Scraping

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what’s trending across a digital platform, or the web usage analytics of one of your major competitors? It may be time to look into web scraping services. Data scraping involves utilising a software that copies all the data from a specified website, a process that can take days if done manually, and then converts it into easily digestible information.

This information can be used to gather intelligence on competitors, or keep updated with trends in pricing, styles and searches, ensuring that you are always on the cutting edge of trends and changes.

With companies willing to handle and maintain all the processes associated with data/web scraping services, it’s a fantastic way to gain precious marketing intelligence, without having to take days away from running your business.

Business Automation Software

Looking to boost efficiency in your current workforce, or get some assistance while you look for a little extra help? Business automation is a fantastic way to cut costs and human error by delegating some of your online tasks to a software-based assistant. These can work as a standalone BPA (business process automation) program, or as an extension of your current IT systems depending both on your budget, and the size of projects that it will be utilised for will certainly be a deciding factor.

Now you may be asking how this sort of administrative assistance could set your website apart, and the answer mainly comes down to efficiency and effectiveness.

Not only does using BPA tools allow for you to delegate your time into other, more productive parts of running your business, it also ensures that human error is taken out of the picture, leading to a more streamlined work process, which is sure to feed into your clientele’s overall experience.

User Engagement Tools

If you aren’t 100% sure what your prospective client base are looking for, what could be more helpful than an effective way of asking them?

In-app user engagement tools such as Appee allow you to directly assess the current needs of those that you are hoping to connect with through surveys and campaigns that blend seamlessly into your preexisting website. Connecting with your audience is an important factor of any business, and any way that you can find to increase user-connections is sure to improve your website.

Online Image-Editing Tools

Above all else, the main fear of most website-based businesses is stagnation.

Online companies need to be constantly updating and reinvigorating their web-based offerings to maintain interest in their services, and avoid falling behind the website design trends. Luckily, there are an abundance of programs dedicated to online image-editing, allowing you to make small, simple changes to your design over time, without all the organisational and logistical difficulties generally associated with online image manipulation.

Keeping your website fresh and user-friendly doesn’t have to be a difficult task, and with these fantastic tools, it’s going to be a simple stride to stand out over your competitors.

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