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Online Signatures – Integral Part of Technological Advancement

Technology – from the early 1800s through industrial revolution, has become such an integral part of us as individuals that the thought of living without it is incomprehensible, impossible and abominable. Of course before the great revolution, scientists and geniuses alike all around the world were making inventions and discoveries that formed the basic building blocks of today’s technological institute, but it was during this period that the world really got to see a change – one that has not stopped occurring ever since.

Online signatures are just a small part of this monstrously huge phenomenon called technology, yet it has made a very significant and important place for itself in this world. The word is pretty much self explanatory – online signatures pertain to technological reproduction of your signature that is saved on computer systems to be placed on official documents online. As we move towards advancement and development, our visibility online also increases with each step. Security and safety issue surface and asks to be tackled with strategic and careful thinking process. Online signatures happen to be one of the efficient answers to that.

Through online signatures, not only do you give yourself an answer to your security queries, but you also become part of an eco friendly drive. Using online signatures gives you another edge too- when you do not use material paper for necessary documentation, you are also free of the need to print them. It allows room for multiple and delegated signing as well. Now while sitting in Tokyo, you can review and submit a document taking place in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, in the scenario where that is not possible, then a recognized and appointed authoritative figure can sign it on your behalf; this is called Delegated signing. Simultaneously, a group of people dispersed over the globe can send in the contracts signed online after reviewing them independently. This leads towards time saving and efficiency in the organization.

Another way that you can save time through online signatures is when bulk of documents, slips, cheques and contracts need to be signed. So much financial and human resources are wasted on signing them – something that can be easily surpassed and avoided if we opt for online signatures. Automated online signatures can sign these papers in minimal amount of time making sure no errors occur, something your valuable customers would highly appreciate.

Comparing online signatures with ink signatures, one seriously gets to doubt the authenticity and safety of the latter. It can be easily copied, tampered with, or removed without any suspicion. With online signatures, it has been made sure that such discrepancies do not take place. If you have online signing software like Signing Hub then it can check each instance of online signatures; you can keep track of where your signatures have been used in past. So secure is the practice of online signing that the signing authority himself cannot convincingly deny that he has not signed a particular document.

Author Bio:- Anna Stacy has in-depth knowledge and experience of online signatures solutions. Her basic forte lies within process optimization and process re-engineering, and has a long-term obsession with electronic signature. She is a leading source of what’s hot and what’s not in the online digital signature space.

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