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Get To Know More About Online Security And How To Avoid The Dreaded Cyber Attack

Having your private data stolen on the internet is fast becoming one of the most common crimes in the digital era. There were, after all, 5.1 million online fraud incidents and 2.5 million cybercrime offences reported in England and Wales in the last year alone.

Such crimes impact upon everyone – from big businesses such as Sony right down to a single consumer streaming music on their laptop.

But do people know enough about how hackers operate? From the crudest spam to the most sophisticated spear phishing attack, the average web user is lagging behind in their knowledge of the threats online.

McAfee has decided to try to tackle this knowledge gap and has launched ‘The Ultimate Guide To Security Threats’ to help people to avoid becoming the next online crime statistic.

The guide, below, defines the most common dangers and shows why they must be avoided.

Brought to you by McAfee – Intel Security

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