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Online Marketing and How It Has Overtaken the Print Industry

Over the last couple of decades, the internet has come to have a major impact on our everyday lives. Not only do billions of people around the world regularly use the world wide web to buy a wide range of goods and services, but many of us also find ourselves dependent on the internet as part of our everyday work routine – and it often doesn’t take much for things to go haywire when we can’t get online. But the sheer volume of people using the internet has made it all the more imperative for businesses to use it as a tool to attract new custom. This, in turn, has opened up a whole world of opportunity for marketers.

In previous years, the printed press was the major focus for advertising firms. The mainstream publications were – and indeed still are – the primary source of news for many millions of readers, but recent years has since the influence of print wane somewhat. Although it remains a big player in the media world, the advent of the internet has opened it up to a huge range of competitors, driving more people to look online for content. It goes without saying, therefore, that advertisers have followed a similar path, gradually shifting their focus away from print to online marketing. Indeed, internet advertising allows marketers to develop entirely new techniques – such as viral marketing and interactive advertising – that printed publications simply can’t match.

Internet advertising has grown rapidly, evolving from a modest concern just 20 years ago to become a multibillion pound industry today. Both multinational businesses and small firms alike have taken to the web to attract custom, and such is the influence of the web that no ambitious business can afford to be without some sort of online presence. What’s more, it isn’t just businesses who are using the web to promote their cause – political candidates and their parties have been quick to see the potential of the internet when it comes to spreading a particular message.

Another intriguing side-effect of the evolution of internet advertising is that it has made it easier for former bricks-and-mortar businesses – particularly retailers – to make a gradual transition from physical premises to a purely web-based operation. Shorn of most of the overheads associated with running a bricks-and-mortar outlet, many retailers have both boosted profits and been able to provide a more flexible, responsive service over the web, with various online marketing strategies adopted to enhance customer awareness of what they have to offer.

Author Bio:- This article is contributed by Jaimy Howard is a freelance writer Specialising in email marketing services.

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