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7 Online Business Advertising and Promotion Tricks For 2013

Over the past couple of years, it has become increasingly difficult to advertise and promote any kind of online business. This is mainly because sometimes marketers take the help of black-hat techniques or overdo white-hat techniques. Further, the Internet world is evolving. What worked last year may not work this year. Thus, advertisers and promoters need to have new tricks up their sleeves to market any online business in 2013. In this article, we will show you 7 such tricks.

1. Use of HTML5/CSS3

2013 is the year for mobiles, Smartphones specifically. Therefore, online business promotions cannot leave out the huge market of mobile users. To make the business easily accessible on mobiles, you need to make use of HTML5 and CSS3 platforms. Using HTML5 coding, you can stay clear of Flash, Java Script and Images which usually increase website load time. Secondly, the use of CSS3 will ensure speedier page downloads and ease of website coding.

2. Video Advertising

Visit a start-up business website, 8 out of 10 will have an embedded video that explains the product or service. The same video could be found on popular sites like YouTube and Daily Motion to increase visibility. Again, this year is definitely for heavy video advertising and marketing. Visitors have less time to read blog posts and long web pages describing a product. Potential consumers will prefer a video instead. Thus, the use of video advertising will give a better ROI.

3. Exclusion of Thin Content

Following the recent spate of Google’s anti-spam updates and its non-patronizing stand over thin content, online business marketers are depending heavily on relevant content marketing. If online businesses targeted consumers previously in the B2C model, the same businesses are targeting other businesses in the B2B model. Online businesses are offering webinars and white papers for free downloads with the hope that they can leverage the valued content and draw other businesses and consumers to become their valued buyers.

4. Google+

Social media marketing will go strong this year. You may have an awesome product but if you are not visible online, you do not exist. Secondly, visit any online business website, you are surely going to find links directing to their Facebook Fan page and /or their Google+ profile. Look at Starbucks. They are everywhere and trending.

Moreover, Google has integrated the G+ button with AdWords, which means that if you want paid advertising via AdWords, the G+ button will be visible. The more G+ presence your online business has, the better for you. Some believe that adding G+ within the website and having a fair presence on Google+ increases the click-through rate. While we have to wait for sufficient data to verify this claim, the point is you cannot ignore Google+ anymore!

5. Backlinks & Google Disavow Tool

When Google released their Disavow tool, it created quite a sensation. The tool gives webmasters the power to find and reject unpleasant links. Earlier, business owners could take advantage of directory links, forum links and other paid linking methods to increase backlinks and be more visible on search engine. Sadly, Google has come down forcefully against these methods and would penalize a site if they wish.

Now, if the online business is your only hope of survival, you better be careful about the sites you are linking to and vice versa. Moreover, if you are hiring any SEO agency to do link building, be very sure of their working methods. Lastly, find out the sites linking to your site and use the Disavow tool to get rid of unwanted links.

6. Free Classifieds

If you are looking for a cost effective option to advertise the online business, classifieds are a good place to start. Not only are most of the classified sites free to use, you can optimize advertising by targeting local or state based free classifieds only. Of course, this depends on the nature of your online business too.

7. Use Search Re-Targeting

It is believed that by mid-2013, Google will introduce search re-targeting for AdWords advertisers. Some advertisers are already using this method but it is not available for everyone. What will happen in re-targeting is that online business promoters would be able to zero in on a definite keyword and optimize it towards visitors with a “definite search record”.

In other words, if you are searching on Google for “eBooks on owls” repeatedly, Google records this pattern. Now when an advertiser selects “eBooks on owls” as a definite keyword and places the ad, the next time you will search the same keyword, Google will show the advertiser’s ad. Of course, a lot of other things are involved here like how much the online business is willing to pay AdWords, landing page quality and others. This is another way with which online businesses can expect optimum ROI in 2013.

If you wish to start an online business or already running one, formulate the advertising, marketing and promotion strategy according to the above pointers.

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