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One of the Latest Stuffs Coming This 2011!

Recently we found the ASUS PadFone but as of now, we will witness the CMITs’ TransPhone. The product follows a similar principle because PadFone since it’s also has touch screen phone docks inside tablet to get charged to provide a more substantial screen while needed. It has a similar principle in ASUS Padfone. It ended up being actually unveiled prior to PadFonewhich seems to mean that it’s not only ASUS got the thought of the fusion of the two gadgets.


The particular TransPhone features a processor clocked with 1. 2GHz. Its dual core CPU is given by Qualcomm. The tablet screen can accommodate SVGA resolutions though we do not know what display screen size the particular tablet or the device have. It’s imagined to have a 10 inch and 4 inch config.

transphone 2011

Although the style matches the PadFone, there are usually differences inside design including the PadFone getting enclosed in the tablet while the TransPhone generally seems to just dock inside the back rather than be included.

The TransPhone includes a bluetooth headset enabling calls and can also receive even the unit is inside the tablet function. There are still no rumorswhat OS will probably be running around the tablet. We think it’ll be an Android OS tablet and also expected to start with IceCream as opposed to Honeycomb as a result of ability with the newer Android taking care of Smartphones along with tablets.

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