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Ok i Just Installed Windows, Whats Next?

When Windows is brand new (7, Vista or Windows XP), choosing what kind of new software install, is pretty much at user’s taste, I’ve seen OS with the most useless software ever, and also, I’ve seen others quite well. As a technician, blogger, reader, geek, etc., I have a pack of software that I always recommend to new users and professional users.

after installing windows

Installing the Drivers

Before installing any software, install your drivers. There are several ways to do this:

1.- Looking at your PC motherboard, then go into the vendor’s official website and download the latest drivers. (strongly recommended)

2.- Using a software to know your system specifications and then go to the vendor’s official webpage of each piece of  hardware and download the latest drivers, you can use Speccy or CPU-Z, these two utilities are free. (also recommended)

3.- If you don’t find the right driver in the official web pages, use the disk that came with your pc. (use only this as an emergency because the drivers may be obsolete)

4.- Use a software to automatically download the drivers. (not recommended, the download may be slow and is not that accurate reading your specs)

Next, for example, let’s say you have your motherboard model (in my case ASRock K7S41GX), so you go into ASRock official webpage and look for the Products > Motherboard > AMD 462 (my socket) and you can  get this. In that case I just look for my model and that’s it. This is the best way to get you latest driver and from a trustable source.


There are hundreds of different security software you can find online, I use Avira free. It’s really light and trustable. I don’t recommend to use a malware or spyware security software right now, the extra services will slow the system and it’s suppose that we don’t have malwares or spywares yet.


Chrome, definitely Chrome, secure, fast and it’s very good if we have our account synchronized (if you don’t know how, here’s a guide).

In case you want another browser, there’s also Firefox, Safari and Opera.I do not recommend IE, is the most insecure and slow browser existent in the browsers competitive world, don’t use it as your first choice. This browsers are all free,

Maintenance tools

These are important if we want to maintain our system in the best shape possible. Here are some of the best there is (all free):


Glary Registry Repair


With that you cover cleaning, registry maintenance and HD defragmenter, I think that cover all aspects you should worry about.

Office Tools

Of course, there is Microsoft Office 2010, but to maintain the free software post, you should tkink on install OpenOffice. It all the same tools, but free with more extensions support and without the waste of the money. Highly recommended.

Player and Codec

VLCPlayer, it’s light, has a lot of features and support, and doesn’t need any codec pack to fully work.

K-Lite Codec Pack, but some software requires this codec’s to be installed in your system, so K-Lite is the best choice there is.


Flash Player



Windows Live Messenger

Nero Lite 10

This is everything I install with a fresh start, with this you cover almost any user need that there is. If you have any recommendation, feel free to comment and share it with us.

Author Bio:- This article is written by Tatosgr, Who is a blogger and currently running a blog. How-To New