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Now Is The Best Time To Be A Value-Added Reseller

Value Added Reseller

With local markets becoming increasingly more saturated, many technology resellers are considering distributions elsewhere in pursuit of more lucrative business. Cloud-based service providers for example are expanding globally, and this is predicted to be a major IT trend in 2017. Approximately 34% of enterprises will have 60% or more of their applications on a cloud platform in two years. Mobility is also a major trend, however in order to service multiple applications in countless locations across the globe, those providing these amenities (for personal and professional use) require a reliable IT infrastructure. What’s more is it must be set up locally in those countries if they’re to transmit quality signals.

Tapping into the global market is an excellent opportunity for resellers to grow their clientele base, and while the process for shipping equipment can become involved, the benefit of having regular international partnerships is that it takes the pressure off relying on markets at home that are drying up. Furthermore, there are a number of companies with expertise in exports that will work with you to ensure prompt and compliant clearance of your goods, even those commodities that are treated sensitively like IT equipment.

TecEx is a global distributions partner that can act as an Importer of Record in over 120 countries, and specializes in the exporting of IT materials. Their extensive knowledge will ensure all documents (licences, permits, freight delivery waybills) are prepared correctly the first time, adhering to the specific laws of every individual country you’re exporting to. Their ability to guarantee best lead times, with full customs clearance just 3-7 days after preapproval, makes now the best time to be a value-added reseller. By partnering with them, you can provide your clients overseas with accurate ETAs without worrying about whether your shipment will be delayed.


The company also promises to only charge you the landed-cost quote, irrespective of any regulations in the receiving country’s legislature that could change over the course of the customs clearance process. Without needing to allot contingency for hidden fees, your company can continue forming relationships with clients free of hassle.

Finally, this Importer of Record is revered for their hands-on service. They provide all clients with access to an online portal, enabling them to track their goods in real time while conferring with a client services representative should they have any question, concerns or online requests of their on-the-ground team. The team locally also does their part and liaises with the forwarder or delivery service to see that the expensive assets arrive safely at their destination.

There has never been a better time for value-added resellers to form international partnerships with cloud based service providers who are gearing up to expand their businesses. With the help of a professional in imports and exports, resellers can rest assured that the pain point associated with cross-border transactions will be remedied, and that their technology will arrive without unforeseen issues arising. They may finally break out of a market that no longer serves them into one that is more profitable.

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