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Noteworthy Uses of Hard Drive Clone

Mac cloning is a procedure in which, you copy all the contents of your hard drive to some other disk drive. In this way, the cloning procedure involves a source drive (of which, the clone has to be taken) and a destination drive (on which, the clone has to be stored). However, the size of your destination drive must be of same size or larger than your source drive. Therefore, you can say that the clone of your hard drive is the bootable copy of your machine that can be used anywhere anytime. Let us discuss some noteworthy usages of hard drive clone:

  • Complete Machine Backup: The clone of your hard drive is basically a type of backup that not only copies the data saved on your hard drive, but that creates exact replica of the hard drive structure as well. Therefore, we can say that the clone of your hard drive is its complete backup that contains your entire data, Operating System (OS), applications and software, and everything that your hard drive was containing.
  • Ready to use copy of your Mac: Since clone contains almost everything that your Mac was containing even including the OS, thus you can say that the clone of your hard drive is its ready to use copy. You can use clone in various cases in which, your Mac stops or its file system gets corrupt.
  • Facilitates pocket Mac: Well, packet Mac is not any other application of Apple, instead having exact replica of your Mac, i.e. clone on any external hard drive or pen drive, you can keep your Mac in your pocket always. In such cases all you need to do is to plug the clone, which you are carrying with you to any machine and start working.
  • Helpful when upgrading the hard drive: If you want to upgrade the hard drive of your Mac, then too the clone of your machine works as a boon.

The best way to create the clone of your hard drive is professional Mac cloning software. These tools create the exact replica of your Mac hard drive and volumes. An efficient Mac cloning software enables you to resize the volumes on the destination drive, if the destination drive is having more space. Moreover, some tools let you create the bootable DVD of your machine as well. Therefore, reliable tool is the best way to create the exact replica or clone of your hard drive.

Author Bio:- The author is a Mac OS X expert doing research on Mac Data Recovery. She is also well aware of taking backup via Time Machine or Cloning Software

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