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Nokia Lumia 900 Vs HTC One X

New smartphones are coming thick and fast in 2012, and the world’s biggest manufacturers are required to constantly up their game in order to compete in the vastly crowded market. Two of the big boys in the smartphone game are Nokia and HTC and both companies have recently launched flagship handsets: Nokia with their Lumia 900 Windows phone and HTC with the Android-based One X. Both phones are undoubtedly good, but which one is the best?

So here’s the Nokia Lumia 900 vs. HTC One X battle – see which one is worth parting with your hard-earned money for.


The first focus is hardware and jumping in first is the Lumia 900 with its single-core 1400 MHz Snapdragon APQ8055 processor, 512 MB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. Running Windows 7.5, or Mango as it is more commonly known, the single-core processor is more than enough, producing a smooth and slick performance with no noticeable lag. However, it remains to be seen how well the processor will hold against ever-increasing dual- and quad-core models.

Next is the HTC One X offering up its dual-core 1500 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM and – like the Lumia – 16 GB internal storage. It is pretty obvious from the specs that the One X is a beast of a machine, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.0 with almost embarrassing ease.


The HTC One X is a bigger machine than Nokia’sLumia 900 and therefore comes packing a larger screen – 4.7 inches against Nokia’s 4.3 inches. Despite being larger, the One X is actually a lighter device at 129g compared to the Lumia’s160g.

From a user’s point of view, it is hard to tell the difference in quality between the two phones; from a display perspective, however, the 720 x 1280 pixel resolution and 312 ppi in the One X puts HTC ahead of Nokia – which while impressive in its own right – only boasts 480 x 800 pixels and 217 ppi. Nokia may have the edge on technology though, using AMOLED as opposed to S-LCD 2. Scratch-resistant glass and light sensor are features in both phones.


Batteries are an essential element in modern power-hungry smartphones and both the One X and the Lumia 900 boast impressive specs, with the latter just outdoing the former. Nokia’s flagship device features an 1830 mAh battery which is able to offer 7 hours of talk time, 350 hours of stand-by time and 60 hours of music playback. The HTC on the other hand has an 1800 mAh battery that offers better talk-time at 8.5 hours but less stand-by time at 302 hours.


Both devices feature 8MP rear-facing cameras and 1.3MP front-facing ones, although the NokiaLumia 900 does benefit from a dual-LED flash, bettering the standard LED flash in the One X. HTC, however, take the spoils when it comes to recording with 1080p HD recording over the 720p HD in the Lumia.

Other features

As one would expect, both phones come stacked with features. The Nokia Windows phone comes fully equipped for Xbox integration, Internet Explorer 9 and threaded messages. Multi-tasking and live tiles also allow more information to be displayed on the homescreen – an improvement over the earlier Nokia Lumia 800. Window’s own app store is also available, featuring a healthy range of apps, although it is nowhere near developed enough to threaten the HTC’s Google Play store.

One of the standout features of the One X is the inclusion of Dr. Dre Beats Audio, providing improved sound on everything from YouTube videos to Angry Birds. It is also fully integrated with Google, allowing Gmail, Google Talk, Maps, docs and pretty much anything else that Google has to offer. MicroHDMI is also included as-well as an additional mic for noise cancellation.


The winner of the Nokia Lumia 900 vs. HTC One X has to be the latter. HTC have produced the much better overall phone, although that is not to say there is no place for the Lumia. Fans of Windows Phone will be drawn to the Nokia – which is the best of its kind. The larger screen of the HTC may also put some people off.

However, if you’re looking for one of the best smartphones on the market, the HTC One X deserves your money, even though it can hardly be compared to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3.

Author Bio:- Amelia is a big fan of smartphones and tech news, and right now she’s interested in HTC’s One X, Nokia’s Lumia 900 and Samsung’s Galaxy S3. While Samsung’s latest flagship is yet to come, some affordable deals on the HTC One X can already found on the net. As for the Lumia 900, it can now be found here.

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  • New Mobile Phones

    June 7, 2012, 11:12 am

    nokia lumia is an awesome phone…its worth buying…


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