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Nintendo WiiU’s GamePad Controller: Blazing A Trail

Say what you want about the Nintendo WiiU being under powered, with wavering 3rd party support, but one thing is clear. The WiiU controller with a glass touch screen in the middle isn’t a gimmick. A “tablet’d” controller had been prototyped by Nintendo way before the Apple iPad hit the market. But now, Nintendo looks like the followers in that field, instead of the leaders. Now, they’re probably considered followers in the tablet world, but they’re still the first in the video game console world to release a “next-gen” system.


If you start to look at the WiiU’s controller, then start reading the rumors regarding the next gen Xbox720 and Playstation 4 controllers, you start seeing that the rumors that are flying, are highly similar. Xbox World Magazine reports that the next gen Xbox’s controller will be a display packing controller with added touch input options. And a rumor like this, results in countless mock-ups hitting google images, showing what the potential controllers may look like.

But these rumors aren’t exclusive to the Microsoft Xbox. A similar rumor is out there about the controller of the yet- to-be revealed Playstation4. This time, rumors suggest that Sony will be emulating aspects of the handheld Sony Vita, into the PS4 controller. Similar to the WiiU controller, that means a touch screen in the middle of the controller. Three similar instances no longer make it a gimmick, but rather make it a trend. While no solid details have yet to be released on the PS4 and the Xbox720, we know that the WiiU’s controller has been mostly well-received.

A quick search of twitter, and we see lots of instances of praise for the WiiU Controller – including features like its Off-TV play, and the fact that it doubles as a TV remote:

  • RT @Kingsanti27: Best thing about having a WiiU is get to chill in the living room chair and just play on my controller 🙂
  • RT @BZPJMJ: I think #Nintendo has spoiled me with the #WiiU because I can’t help being annoyed that I can’t turn my TV off with my #PS3 controller. XD
  • RT @itsRMB94: I love my WiiU and its controller but I have a strong feeling that Sony will do something similar
  • RT @dunte86: Game on the TV, map on the gamepad, controller in hand. Pretty cool setup #wiiu
  • RT @Jonwoltke: Dont need the TV when I run this bad boy on the controller. Gotta love the #nintendo #wiiu
  • RT @canadacomTech: Nintendo seeks to shake up gaming again with the Wii U’s touchscreen controller.

At the end of the day, Nintendo fanboys will be Nintnedo fanboys, and Xbox diehards will remain Xbox diehards, and Playstation fans, will remain Playstation fans, but one cannot deny, when Nintendo releases a next generation console, the rest of the industry goes in the same direction: a controller with a second screen interface. 

Author Bio:- Shahab Shokouhi is a writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror, an innovative manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products.

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  • Sarah Right

    May 6, 2013, 5:04 pm

    I totally agree with you Sir, Best thing about having a WiiU is get to chill in the living room chair and just play on my controller that is all what we call “real time fun”


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