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Nicks And Scratches Will Greatly Diminish Your Galaxy’s Resale Value, So Protect It Properly

These days, we change our mobile phones almost as often as we change our clothes. To some of us, it’s important to have the latest mobile phones as soon as they’re released. While this ensures that we have the leading generation with the best operating system, the high turnover rate of phones creates a viable secondary market for used phones. To get the highest value for your used Galaxy S6 Edge takes a little work. A phone in the best shape will always go for the most money. Bumps, bruises, dings, and anything else that can cause damage to your device can decrease its value in the resale market.

Galaxy S6 Edge

Cell phone skins or wraps are the ideal way to protect your mobile phone from the rigors of everyday life. Let’s face it, everyone drops their phone occasionally. The fall is unintentional, but it can still cause substantial damage to your device. Every time it hits the floor, the casing can be damaged ever so slightly—or worse, you can shatter its screen. When it comes to the S6 Edge, the 5.1 Quad HD screen is its selling point. If you intend to resell it phone when a new model becomes available, it makes sense that all of its features should be in perfect shape.

A wrap will keep it looking brand new and preserve its resale value. The leading skin providers will have a comprehensive inventory; the best in the industry have a variety of attractive and protective skins for your Galaxy S6 Edgeor any other device you wish to resell. Not only will your phone be protected from dings and scratches, it will also look smart in the process. Superior skins are manufactured with a 3M vinyl that is precisely cut to the dimensions of the S6 Edge, taking into account its large screen, cameras, and ports. Better than a hard case that adds unnecessary bulk to your phone, a skin will stick seamlessly to the device without leaving behind the telltale residue of adhesive. Resistant to scratching and fading, it’s the best protection you can give to you Galaxy S6.

If you shop with the best provider, you also have your choice of colours and finishes. When you go online to dbrand, you’ll find a customization area so you can see what your Edge would look like before you order any wraps. You can also choose from carbon fiber and matte finishes, gold and black metallic, black and white leather or even bamboo or mahogany wood skins – providing you with the most personalized skin out there. With dbrand wraps for the Galaxy S6 Edge, people will take notice of your phone, admiring how such a popular model can look so unique.

These gorgeous skins are ideal for any tech-savvy person who wants to protect their phone. With designs that stand out and match your personality, you can increase your phone’s durability—ensuring that it will earn a respectable price when you resell it.

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