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5 Niche Apps to Assist Your PR Job

If you’re a professional PR manager or if you’ve only been saddled with the task because you’re the most organized person on the team, you will want to take advantage of all the apps and software you can. These five things cover a wide spectrum of needs and can really assist your PR job.

1# Flipboard


Flipboard presents your social networking and blog feeds and format them into a kind of digital magazine; presenting a really crisp and enjoyable way to read updates and news. Flipboard was inspired by a brainstorming session that asked “What would the web look like if it were redesigned from scratch.” It’s pretty heady stuff.

Download from Playstore

2# Instapaper

Instapaper app

Instapaper is a great when you find an article that you don’t have the time to read, it allows you to keep track of all the things you want and need to read on the run. It works like bookmarks in a browser, but with much more organization and structure. The company also runs ‘The Feature’, which posts the articles that are most frequently saved to Instapaper, so you can get a good read on the most popular news of the day.

Download from iTunes

3# iDoneThis

iDoneThis iPhone

iDoneThis is a combination of a to-do list and a group manager. Items are input, marked off and you receive an email update of all the tasks your team has achieved that day. iDoneThis is a really useful team motivator and is rated as one of the best productivity apps out there. It was started as one of the famous Angelpad start ups. If you haven’t heard of the Angelpad project, I recommend looking it up, it’s a “start up incubator” and has been responsible for a bunch of impressive projects.

Download the app from Google Apps

4# Dropbox

dropbox for iphone

Dropbox is another top rated productivity app and an absolute necessity for group file transfers and keeping projects current, it is a cloud storage system that offers two gigabytes of free storage that can be linked to multiple computers and mobile devices, share files back and forth with your co-workers no matter where you are. No more forgetting that important pdf that you needed to print, you can download it onto your phone and push it off in an e-mail. The future really has arrived.

Download the app from iTunes Store

 5# Friday: The Personal Assistant

friday the personal assistant

Friday: The Personal Assistant is an Android only app that you never knew you needed. Friday keeps track of all the tasks you’ve done that day, everything from phone calls and texts to emails and social media site updates. Creepy if you loose your phone, but invaluable if you’re so busy that you can’t remember what you’ve done and in what order. Try it out and you’ll see just what I’m talking about.

Download the app here – http://fridayed.com/

The majority of these programs are available cross-platform however some of the features available on the main branch of the software might not be functional on different devices. If the feature you need isn’t there, try searching the web for alternatives to this list.

Author Bio:- These top PR apps were reviewed by Jonny Grant on behalf of PR Agency One, a Manchester based digital PR firm who specialise in B2B PR.

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