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New WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin with iPhone Application- WPBizCart

WP Bizcart is the first and only WordPress shopping cart plugin with iPhone application that makes it easier to receive inventory alerts, sales notifications and reports on your iPhone when you are away from your computer. WP Bizcart shopping cart plugin was released in May 2012.

Some WordPress shopping cart plugins only support to sell tangible products but lacks the functionalities to sell digital products securely online. Some have lots of features but very complex to use and configure. WP Bizcart Shopping cart plugin provides complete solution to sell both physical and digital products from your WordPress site, yet very easy to use.

Users who dealt with complex wordpress shopping cart plugins before will love the simplicity of WP Bizcart. From Digital products like MP3, Videos, PDF, Photos to Physical products or Services, with WP Bizcart shopping cart plugin you can sell anything online securely and easily from any WordPress site.

Most WordPress shopping cart plugins force you to use their own themes but with WP Bizcart you can display and sell your products from any blog post or page on your website. You can create a store page if you want to display all your products in one page under different categories.

WP Bizcart offers simplicity and flexibility to setup your WordPress ecommerce site with ease.


WP Bizcart is very easy to install. It works with any well coded WordPress themes and plugins.

Selling digital downloads

Sell your digital products securely online from your WordPress website with WP Bizcart. The plugin instantly delivers the digital downloads to the buyers after payment by emailing the download links. Customers can also download the files from a post-payment page where they get redirected after the payment. Download links are always encrypted so the original location of the files never get revealed. WP Bizcart also allows you to limit downloads per link and set the expiry of the link for the extra protection for your digital goods. The plugin integrates with Amazon S3 so you can securely store all your digital files on Amazon hosting and sell them from your WordPress site. You can offer free downloads to your visitors by creating a Squeeze type form and capture their name and email addresses. If you sell softwares or tickets that require license keys or serial numbers then WP Bizcart can issue license keys and serial numbers upon purchase. The plugin allows multiple file upload to single product and bundle several products together under one product.

Inventory Tracking and Stock Management

With WP Bizcart shopping cart plugin you can track each variation for every product in the inventory. Bulk price update feature will come handy if you have many products and want to update all the prices at once. You can set threshold for low and out of stock for the items in the inventory and the plugin will notify you when an item is low or out of stock. The Plugin will automatically stop selling when an item is out of stock so you will never have to run into the risk of selling an item that you don’t have in stock.

Flexible tax option

WP Bizcart has PayPal profile base tax option. You can apply item specific or flat tax rate for all the items. Specify tax for individual country and states (USA and Canada only). Shipping Tax can be also applied.

Shipping Methods

You can use PayPal profile based shipping rate or apply flat rate shipping rate for the entire cart. You can configure product specific shipping or charge shipping based on product weight. Use shipping variation if you need to charge extra shipping cost.

Easy Order Managements

WP Bizcart has a robust order management system. You can search for an order by customer name, email address or order number and sort orders by payment status or type, transaction date and price. You can offer your customers printer friendly invoices. You can update Payment and delivery status easily and export the orders into a CSV file with a click of the button.

Coupons and Discounts

WP Bizcart shopping cart plugin come with a built in coupon generator. You can create coupons and discounts for your customers easily. You can apply discounts on Individual item, total cart price, total quantity of items in the cart and group of specific products or all products. WP Bizcart also lets you to limit the usage of a coupon, when will it start and expire. With WP Bizcart lets you offer Shipping discounts and free shipping.

3rd Party Integration

WP Bizcart integrates with all the major Autoresponders like AWeber, GetResponse and MailChimp. It is also 100% compatible with WP Bizcart membership plugin which is only provided to the Bizcart customers on request.

Easy Checkout and Payment Options

WP Bizcart offers one click payment, so the customers do not have to go through multiple steps to complete a transaction. Shipping and tax are calculated on the checkout page and the checkout page is fully customizable. WP Bizcart supports

  • PayPal Payment Standards
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Manual Payment

Support and Accusation

Plugin support is provided by emails but live support is also available (Skype, Chat, Call). General technical support is free for life but if you require any extra customization work WP Bizcart also offers plugin customization service.


WP Bizcart includes many features that other WordPress Shopping Cart plugins sell them as add-ons or extensions.

WP Bizcart Shopping cart plugin comes with Premium and Free version. The free version “Simple Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugin” has limited features.

Premium Version:

Single Site License: $29

Multi Site License: $99

With any license you receive life time plugin updates, support and free WP Bizcart

Check the plugin at: WP Bizcart WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

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