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New Ways To Watch Your Movies On The Go

With the rising cost of tickets and rental fees, finding a movie to watch when traveling can be difficult. Your iOS device can cure your craving though, and for a fraction of the cost. Here’s the best ways to watch movies on your ipad and iphone.


Everyone knows that Netflix offers you movies directly to your door via the Postal service, but you can also get movies “streamed” directly to your iOS devices. You’ll get access to over hundreds of movie titles, all of which can be viewed an unlimited amount of times. Netflix is constantly adding and replacing titles with new flicks, giving you an ever evolving and changing world of film.

All of the listings are easily categorized according to genre. You can even search directly for a specific title via a nifty search bar which is accessible at all times regardless of where you are in the application. You can rewind, fast-forward, and even jump to specific spots within a movie. If you start watching a film and then quit watching it, you’ll resume it later from the same scene. The application even keeps track of what movies you have watched and “suggests” movies that you may enjoy based on your previous choices.

The Netflix application won’t cost you anything to download, but you will have to pay a small monthly fee of around 7.99 USD to enjoy streaming services. This is a very nominal price to pay considering how many movies you are getting immediate access to. New customers are given a “free trial” of the subscription service which can be canceled at any time if you’re not completely satisfied with what Netflix offers. But before you take the plunge, it is important to know that the movies offered by Netflix’s streaming service are not exactly “new releases”. In fact, you will be very hard pressed to find a brand new to DVD movie within its vaults. However, if you’re interested in viewing older movies you may have missed, or just browsing movies you may have never heard of, then this is a great option for a very low price.


Even with over 500,000 available applications, nothing can beat iTunes when it conies to renting or buying “new release movies”. You won’t find any brand new “just hit theater” titles, but you will get access to movies at around the same day that they release on DVD and Blu-Ray. Movies are categorized on iTunes just like music and applications. A very easy to use interface allows you to filter movies by release date, price, and genre. You’ll get user reviews, via the iTunes review system, and also get a little blurb that explains the basic synopsis of the film. This makes it very easy to find movies you may be interested in, and to get a good idea if you’ll like a movie before you purchase it. The genius feature of iTunes will even suggest movies to you based on shows you have already seen or the genres you are most interested in.

Apple is giving you the option to buy or rent your titles. For anyone who has ever “rented” a pay-per-view event before, this acts very much the same. You pay a flat rate (around 4.99 USD for new releases) and get possession of the movie for a set time period (usually 24-hours). You can watch this movie on any iOS device within that time period including your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even the Apple TV box. After the time period is up you’ll no longer get access to the movie, and you must purchase it again for additional screening time. If you use the buy option (around 19.99 USD for a new release) then you’ll get a stored version of the movie on your iTunes account which can be viewed at any time across all of your iOS products.

Although this is definitely the most “expensive” choice when it comes to getting movies, it’s literally the only respectable decision for purchasing films on your devices. A lot of individuals are flocking towards iTunes for movie viewing too because it’s so simple to operate and navigate.

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