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New Taichi Dual Screen Windows 8 Convertible

Everything about ASUS Taichi ultrabook is different – both in concept and build. What makes it so different is the dual screen display, and a very flexible one at that as the name suggests. If you want a more precise description you can even call it a Windows 8 tablet.  You will never have seen something so fascinating like the ASUS Taichi and that is for certain. When you open the clamshell the first time you may not recognize what we are trying to tell you, but you will know for yourself when closing the case; it sure will reveal the built-in killer feature.

asus taichi dual screen

The first thing that you will notice is the innovative way in which the 11.6 inch screen and the 10-finger multi-touch display have been placed. The first thing that will capture your imagination is when you put the machine into standby mode and start using the screen on the exterior. This will give you the feel of using a Windows 8 Modern UI in tablet style mode. However, remember that getting used to the touch screen has a learning curve that can take a little longer than usual to master. Another point to note is that the bezel button can be a little annoying, but you can expect to get razor sharp pictures even when both the screens are working at 1080p full HD resolution.

Since Asus’ New Taichi Dual Screen Windows 8 Convertible has two screens, of which, one a touch screen, it is natural that the price will be higher too. At 1.25 kilograms you shouldn’t find anything wrong because it is within acceptable range. But extended use over longer stretches can be quite tiring. The price is quite on the upper side which can possible divert your attention in looking around for something trendier if you are ready to spend that kind of money on an ultra. You cannot carry around the machine carelessly considering that it has a screen on the outside as well. The best way to carry is keep a laptop sleeve always ready to ensure that it remains in perfect working condition.

In spite of the fact that this machine has so many drawbacks, you will find it extremely simple to use and also the fastest ultra/tablet convertible solutions to hit the market. The other feature that makes it versatile is that there are no hinges or the need to twist or even a catch that you need to unlock. In short, it is a simple close action like a real book. What’s more, you can keep both screens running all the while and switch back and forth between the two instantly.

There are many different ways in which you can choose the configuration. You can choose between a Core i7 and i5 Ivy Bridge processor with either a 128 GB or 256 GB SSD as your needs dictate. SonicMaster, a jointly developed system by Bang and Olufsen is already there. However, that it lacks an option regarding the GPU is something that may not be to your liking. Battery life may not be sufficient if you plan to work on it the whole day. The most you can expect is 5 hours, and a little less if you keep the 2 screens working all the while.

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