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New Pen Idea Takes Real Life to Paper

You know how you’re writing or drawing and your plain ‘ol blacks and blues just aren’t cutting it? Whether boring or not providing the effect you need, how often have you looked at a flower, restaurant menu, or cup of coffee and said, “That’s the color I want, that one right there.” But because it’s a thing and not ink, you’re out of luck. Until now that is. With the help of a chameleon pen … assuming someone figures out the technology to make it, that is, users can take real life and literally put it on paper.

The Chameleon Pen[Image Source]

How it Works

The slated “see and scan” pen will come with a built in scanner/camera that captures any given blend. This scanning end features a color sensor, button for users to press when the pen is in place, and a viewing area to see exactly what color the pen is about to write. Then, once the scan is complete (timeline is tricky since the pen is currently in development stages), users can color their hearts away with any hue imaginable.

The pen also features a wide writing ball for a thicker coverage area (think larger than a normal pen, but smaller than an average Sharpie).

Making the entire operation work is the ink cartridges that sit in the top of the pen’s handle. Small red, green, and blue cylinders mix and combine to create an array of coloring options, yet take up a small amount of space. Users can even replace them with ease, simply opening the pen’s top and dropping them into place.

Can it Be Done?

Currently, the pen has yet to actually hit production stages, and for a few good reasons. Sure it sounds like a great prototype and any artist’s dream come true (who wants to carry an entire set of pens when the chameleon version and a color chart can provide the same results?). But what about the expense of the ink cartridges? How often do they have to be replaced? And how much would such a contraption cost? Along with regular refills?

Like any form of technology, over time it would likely come down in fees. But how long? Would the pen be affordable (in both upfront fees and maintenance) within a few months of its release? Or would it take years to come up with more streamlines processes? While many of these questions are still up in the air, it’s safe to say the pen is still on wish lists across the country.

Breaking it Down

In a world where technology and software are constantly evolving, each new invention can take on a life of its own. Until they actually hit the shelves, however, we are left to scheme and wait for a way to make it our own. But whether or not this chameleon pen is quick to make it into production, it’s safe to say the idea will stick with us for the long haul. Hopefully it is an item that will be available to us sooner rather than later.

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  • Richie, UK

    March 8, 2013, 4:05 pm

    Great news. It’s undeniable that despite all the fancy digital drawing/painting/design tools, there are still people who work the traditional way as well as certain tasks that are still done on pen and paper (ex. colored design rough drafts), making this chameleon pen a very useful tool. Too bad it’s not out yet though. I really do hope that they push through with this project and eventually market this very innovative tool. I might even be one of the first buyers.

  • Rashmi Sinha

    March 8, 2013, 12:03 am

    Hope we get our hand on it soon and the price is not ludicrous. Can bring some major change in how we write or at least scribble.

    Thanks for this wonderful info!!!


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