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The New iPhone – What We Know So Far

If you are a fan of technology, then you probably already know a little bit about the new iPhone and the hype surrounding it. Apple release a new iPhone model each and every year, they have done so since their first iPhone back in 2007, and it seems that each year the device becomes more and more popular amongst the public – selling record numbers each year. In fact, last year the iPhone 4S sold over 3 million units in its first few days on sale!

new iphone

Apple hasn’t officially mentioned the new iPhone yet, they haven’t even confirmed that a new iPhone will be released this year. So how do we know that there is in fact a new iPhone coming this year? Inside sources.  There are a lot of companies involved in supplying parts for these new iPhone devices, and they don’t seem to be as good at keeping things “hush hush” as Apple are, and parts inevitably find their way into the hands of technology blogs and such, who post it up for the world to see.

We know a surprising amount about the new iPhone already, and we’re going to take a look at exactly what we know so far about the new iPhone in this post.

What we know so far

Thanks to a number of leaked parts, we have quite a good idea of what the new iPhone is going to look like. You can see a very nice computer generated image of the new iPhone design at the top of this post. This image was rendered based on leaked parts for the new iPhone, this is more than likely going to be the design we see on the new iPhone 5! It always creates extra hype around the device when Apple change the design, because it’s not something they do every year. So far we have had 5 different iPhone models and only 2 different designs, so it’s always a change welcomed with open arms.

It’s a little hard to tell from the pictures, but the new iPhone does have a slightly taller screen and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s also been made known recently that iOS 6 is scalable to 640 x 1136, so this could be the resolution for the 16:9 display on the new iPhone.

If you take a look at the dock connector area, you’ll notice it’s much smaller than before. Apple have decreased the size of the dock connector to make more space internally for more useful applications. Apple will be offering a convertor (old to new dock) so you can still use your old accessories with the new iPhone, but this probably wont be free – you’ll more than likely have to buy it as an additional extra.

A couple of other changes that are worth mentioning are the new battery, it’s more powerful than the 4S… this may be to give us some extra battery life, or the new iPhone might need the extra power due to it’s quicker processor and bigger screen. We will have to wait and see. Apple are also going from the micro-SIM to the nano-SIM. Why they need to change it again, I don’t know. It’s the same as the micro-SIM but a fraction smaller.

Last but not least, iOS 6! Not exclusive to the new iPhone, but it will be released alongside it. This is the biggest and best update yet to come from Apple for their iOS devices. It includes some great upgrades, the one I’m looking forward to the most is the addition of turn-by-turn GPS navigation to the Maps app… it looks like it will rival even the likes of TomTom, and it’s absolutely free!

When is it coming?

We do not have an ‘official’ release date yet, as Apple haven’t even confirmed that there is a new iPhone coming this year. But, we do know that they have an event scheduled for the 12th of September 2012, this is when we believe they will unveil the new iPhone, with a release date around a week later on the 21st September 2012.

So we have only a matter of weeks to go now until the new iPhone is available to buy! What do you guys think of the new design, the new changes? Have Apple missed anything out? What are your opinions? Share them in the comments!

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