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New Console Rumours Revealed

Let’s face it; the time has now come for the next generation of consoles to take over our living rooms.

With the Xbox 360 and PS3 nearly running out of space for game designers to stay innovative, several rumours abound regarding the arrival of the new breed of consoles.

Gamers out there may well be typing ‘sell Xbox’ into their search engines a few months’ time if any of these rumours are actually true; the gaming world is about to get very interesting.

Xbox 720

Several documents have been leaked this year which hold some tantalising information about Microsoft’s new console, allegedly named ‘Durango’. With many pro gamers crying out that it’s high time for the next generation, the leaked document seems to promise quite a lot.

Rumours state that the new Xbox will have a Blue-Ray player, like the PS3 does; they also state that it will have permanent Internet connectivity. Other reports suggest that the controllers will have touchscreens on them too.

Perhaps the biggest news is, apparently, it will be touted to gamers for a remarkably low price of £190.

Bad news for budget gamers

An alarming rumour is that Microsoft is going to try and stamp out the pre-owned games market. While it is unclear exactly how they’ll manage to this, their intention is to prevent people from selling their games on to others for lower prices, so that gamers will only be able to buy brand-new games.

PlayStation Orbis

Sony recently came forward to quash rumours about the next PlayStation, and reports it would be released this year. Sony believes the current iteration of the PlayStation still has not reached its optimum capabilities in terms of the gaming experience it can offer.

Other rumours state that the PS4’s GPU will be able to easily play 3D games at 1080p; currently, the PS3 can only manage 3D games at 720p.

Concept designs have also been released, boasting a 3D-Blu Ray player, 1.5TB hard drive, HDMI connection ports and USB 3.0 connectors.

Wii U

The only console that doesn’t have any more rumours about it is the Wii U, which is to be released at the end of the year.

During the console announcement, Nintendo stated that the new Wii will support 1080p graphics and will come with 2GB of memory, which is more than twenty times that of the current Wii.

It will now have an HDMI cable and a new type of controller, which will also have a touchscreen, just like the mooted Xbox 720 controller, along with a different controller that is more akin to the traditional gamepad.

If you’re thinking, “maybe it’s time to sell my stuff and get ready for the next step in gaming” … you might be right!

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