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New Car Technology for 2012 and Beyond

Technology drives evolution. With every new idea comes a step towards a more convenient and extravagant lifestyle. Nothing pushes technology faster or as consistently as the motor industry. A significant amount of the new technology is aimed at boosting the miles per gallon (MPG) ratio of cars whereas other advancements are focused on helping drivers and passengers stay connected to the Web and new safety platforms which can help collisions and reduce accidents.

This article will reveal some of the latest technology advancements in cars and vehicles that will one day make their way onto your driveway.

Talking Cars

Combining Wi-Fi and GPPS technology, Cohda Wireless has developed a system called dedicated short range communications which essentially connects each car as a node on a large communications network.  The aim of the technology is similar to existing technology in planes, the nodes will inform other drivers of where cars are and the communication will hopefully reduce potential accidents and fatal collisions. The inspiration behind the system was the deaths of avoidable deaths of Australian citizens, as revealed by Alex Grant.

Internet-Connected Navigation

At the recent consumer electronics show, General Motors discussed the next generation of their social platform, aptly named MyLink. It is clear that auto brands understand that a large percentage of their target market own smartphones and that there is a huge opportunity to leverage this devices to deliver content and features into the car. The MyLink system has been developed in conjunction with electronic giants LG, uses apps to deliver Cloud-based content such as Pandora Internet radio and Internet-connected navigation to motorists.

The Evolution of Hands-Free

Ford are heavily investing in the use of synchronised systems  which they are planning to build into newly released vehicles, allowing drivers to use voice commands to control apps on their smartphone. The general feedback has so far been split into two camps, with conflicting arguments of increased safety and distraction. Families of children who have died in car accidents have protested that this will result in more injured. On the other hand, the global director of Ford stated that their research indicated that people are already using smartphones in cars so they were just making this existing process safer and easier.

This would include the ability to make calls to friends and family, selecting songs from MP3 devices all through voice recognition software, without the use of their hands.

A Virtual Passenger

Also at the consumer electronics show was Mercedes Benz.

The auto company presentedMbrace2, its in-car communications system. The platform received rave reviews and is considered the most advanced in car system on the market. The on board communications device can even help you buy tickets for upcoming events, amongst the traditional destination finder via Google Maps. One feature that a lot of drivers will welcome is the ability to locate a parked vehicle with their smartphone. All the technology demonstrated at the event will be unveiled when the new SL-Class series is launched in 2013.

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    February 24, 2012, 5:19 am

    great post ..
    I think the technology behind the cars change day by day …
    keep ur eyes abt what next….


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