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New Beginnings: Video Resumes to Land Your Dream Job!

With all the developments in technology, everything that can be ‘digitalised’, is! The ‘world of resumes’, if you will, has also succumbed to the trend, with an advanced method of creating C.Vs now growing in popularity. ‘Video resumes’ as they are called, are the new headlining act, wherein the need for paper is no longer required, to land you a job. Traditional paper resumes are going down, and the video versions are on their way up.

Traditional paper resumes v/s video resumes

Job seekers have the opportunity of showcasing their abilities in a much more effective manner with a video resume as compared to a traditional one. It allows potential employers to hear and see the capability of an applicant, and the manner in which they present themselves. The rapid growth of the trend is due to the potential of conveying streaming video through the internet. Companies all over the world are accepting them for different professionals, and the requisition for objectivity is turning into a major issue.

Recording a video is a simple task that requires you to display your skills while presenting yourself on a camcorder or digital camera. It is especially suitable for people who are looking to make a name for themselves in a sports, singing or acting career. The communication skills possessed by an applicant are on show for the prospective employer to determine whether or not the candidate can be proceeded with for the interview. Most employers find screening candidates via video resumes much more effective than sorting through traditional paper resumes.

Tips for an effective video resume

The key to landing your dream job is to ensure that you come across as a prospect that the company would want to hire. Following are a few tips on how you can make your ‘resume’ effective:

Keep the video simple and short. The length of the recording should be longer than one minute, but not exceeding three. Identifying the key facets of your abilities, achievements or experiences is very important, and it must be summed up in a manner that will interest your prospective employer. Dragging it for longer than three minutes might just bore the person who is watching it. Like they say, less is more!

‘To be yourself is all that you can do’. Although you might script your message, it works well to do it naturally. Your personality can be flaunted in your resume, so maintain eye contact for the whole time and wear a smile.

Your attire speaks volumes. Dress appropriately. Remember that your chances of landing an interview depend on your ‘resume’. Formal wear or professional casuals must be worn so that your potential employers can get to see that you’re approaching them the right way.

Practice makes perfect. Rehearse in front of the camera and record it simultaneously to get that perfect take. Make sure you do it with confidence and enthusiasm.

A strong finish will most certainly catch the employer’s attention. The final sentence that you communicate through your ‘resume’ must be about how you can contribute to the company, and must be delivered well.

Author Bio:- Penny is an expert working with CV Insight Ltd., a company that safeguards your business and check employment history using the latest screening solutions, coupled with a highly personal service.

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